For the game, see Christmas Chaos (game).
Christmas Chaos

The image for Christmas Chaos.

The 2014 Christmas Chaos Event is an Event that started December 11th, 2014. It ended around January 16th, 2015.

This Update adds temporary changes to the lobby, including ice, snow, giant candy canes, Olaf the Snowman, giant presents, caramel apples, and having the central tree in the lobby be covered with snow. If a player hits snow, then they'll receive 16 snowballs, which they can throw. There are also some new inactive portals, laced with ice; this possibly hints at some new games, namely ones from the Red Warfare merge.

The event also changes the appearance of a Game Wait Room. It is covered in the usual snow. The center of the room is changed to a plank and clay theme, giant candy canes are present, all bodies of water are frozen, spruce trees replace the general tree population, there is a giant Christmas Tree in the corner, and the wood hut has been replaced by an igloo. Figures of the senior moderator articz82 can be seen in this room as represented by blocks of coal and item frames; in those item frames are white stained glass and black carpet. In addition, some cobblestone stacks in the mine have been replaced by stacks of blocks of coal.

In addition to all this, snow slowly falls across the Mineplex homepage.

The event adds a limited time game, Christmas Chaos, that is only available by clicking one of four wither skeletons wearing red leather armor standing in the central plaza.