Winter 2016

The official drawing for the Christmas Event 2016

2016 Christmas Event is an event that started on Mineplex on 1st December 2016. It is a Christmas and Winter-themed Event, as usual in December. It brings many changes and additions to the server, such as the return of Christmas Chaos, changes to the lobby, and much more.

List of changes and additionsEdit

PC EditionEdit

  • The lobby is changed to a christmas theme. It has a large christmas tree, a fireplace and it is entirely covered in snow. There is a NPC of Santa Claus in the middle. The usual noteblock holiday music is also present.
  • The Christmas Chaos minigame is back. The reward for finishing it is the Christmas King Morph.
  • Gingerbread Chests are added to the server. There are 8 new cosmetics to collect from them.
  • Mythical and Illuminated Chests are now "infused" with winter; they can now find Winter cosmetics and the Coal Gadget from the past.
  • Eternal Rank is released to the public on 22nd December.
  • From 24th December to around 1st of Januray, a Holiday Double Gems event runs, awarding double gems and XP for every game. This acts as a New Year's Thank You from Mineplex.
  • On Boxing Day (25th December) a sale happens, with Power Play Club being the main focus of the sale. Most things are cheaper, and there are some extra bundles in the shop.
  • Christmas Chests were added to games. When punched they rewarded player with gems and treasure shards.

PE EditionEdit