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Admins, short for Administrators, carry on responsibilities similar to that of the Owners of Mineplex, except they lead the sub-divisions of Senior Moderators. This position earns the player the dark red ADMIN tag. Admins are personally selected by members of the Leadership Team, particularly BlueBeetleHD (the Head of Staff). There are currently six Administrators, and they all have different roles.

List of Current AdminsEdit

Admin Position and Team
WebGlitch Private Development
DeanTM Staff Management (General), Quality Assurance, Rules Committee and Recruiter
Diar Staff Management (Assistant), Recruiter (Assistance)
Jarvis Forums Admin
ShinyRukii Event Squad, Translations manager
t3hero Build Admin
Admin chat tag (previous)

The previous Admin chat tag.

List of Former Admins Edit

Admin Position at time of Resignation/Demotion
Aaron_ Media Team
blondebug/Caitlin_ Trainee Management (Prior to merge with Recruitment)
Dctr_ Forums Team
Dooskee Head of Staff, Quality Assurance Team, Staff Recruitment Team
Genocide604 Quality Assurance Team
Ishh Support Administrator
JessieMarcia Server Team (now Mod Coordination)
JohnJackson4 Applications Team (Now Staff Recruitment Team)
LegoDork Forums Team
PleaseTeamIFan Moderator Coordination
Relyh Quality Assurance, Clans Management, Junior Project Manager
TOMCALLISTER Helper Management (Now Trainee Management)
tony1398 Helper Management (Now Trainee Management)
Byron Helper Management (Now Trainee Management)
SamitoD Clans Management, Content Creation Manager