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Champions assasin


Assassin is a kit for the following minigame known as Champions.

Class Summary Edit

Masters of surprise and quick kills, they use abilities to get around or confuse targets. Their passives help them deliver more damage (Combo Attack) or surprise the enemy (Viper Strikes and Shocking Strikes). They have the highest damage but also the lowest armor. They also have arrows & bows with abilities that helps hinder their enemies (Smoke Arrow and Silencing Arrow,) or increase their next attack (Marked for Death.) They stall in combat by using Evade or Illusion of their choice, and can also escape easily by Leaping, Blinking, or Flashing away. They can also blind opponents around them (Smoke Bomb,) or teleport away where they were brief moments ago (Recall.)

However assassin's mobility is easily nullified if slowed, and thus cannot use it's axe skills for mobility boost (Leap, Blink, Flash.) They're also very squishy as mentioned earlier, dying in 5 hits from iron and gold weapons, and 4 hits in diamond weapons.

Skill Asset Types Edit

Sword skills are triggered by holding down Block ("right mouse button" by default.) Axe skills are triggered with right-click. Bow skills are triggered with attack button ("left mouse button" by default) to prepare your next arrow, and will have the description's respective effects.

Assassin can trigger its PassiveA skills by pressing Drop ("Q" by default.)

NOTE: All description comes directly from the game.

Key Legends:

HP = Hit Points

L = per level

Sword Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Evade Block attacks to evade then and teleport behind the attacker.

Crouch and evade to teleport backwards.

1 0 seconds Recharge becomes 16 seconds if Evade fails. Free (provided in default kit.)
Illusion Hold block to go invisible and create an illusion of yourself that runs towards your target location (or where you're looking.)

Invisibility ends if you release block or your Illusion is killed.

Illusion last up to 3(+1) seconds.

Gives Slow 2 for up to 4 seconds to nearby enemies upon ending.

4 16 (-1L) seconds Slow effect radius: 5 blocks (slow duration scales with how close the player is when illusion ends.)

Illusion clone has 14 hp (7 hearts.)

Unlock all Champions achievements.

Axe Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Leap Take a great leap forwards.

Wall Kick by using Leap with your back against a wall. This uses no Energy or Recharge (Wall Kick has a hidden and brief cooldown.)

Cannot be used while slowed.

Reduce 2 fall damage while active

4 9 (-1.5L) seconds Wall Kick recharge: ? Free (provided in default kit.)
Blink Instantly teleport 12(+3L) blocks forwards. Cannot be used while slowed.

Using again within 5 seconds De-Blinks, returning you to your original location.

4 12 seconds De-blink does not work if assassin blinked right at a player. 1000 Gems
Flash Teleport forwards 6 blocks.

Store up to 2(+1L) Flash Charges.

Cannot be used while slowed.

4 4 seconds per charge none 1000 Gems

Bow Edit

Skill Name

Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Smoke Arrow Your next arrow will give Blindness and Slow 2 for 4(+1L) seconds. 4 18(-2L) seconds none Free (provided in default kit.)
Silencing Arrow Your next arrow will Silence for 3 seconds.

Silence stops skills being used.

4 20(-3L) seconds none 1000 Gems
Marked for Death Your next arrow will mark players, making them take 10% more damage from the next melee attack.

Lasts for 2.5(+1.5L) seconds.

Enemy players that die while under your mark heal you for 1(+0.5L) hearts.

4 20(-2L) seconds none 1000 Gems

PassiveA Edit

Skill Name

Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Smoke Bomb Drop Axe/Sword to use.

Create a smokey explosion, giving Blindness to players within 3(+1L) blocks for 1(+1L) seconds.

You go invisible for 1(+1L) seconds.

3 45 (-5L) seconds none Free (provided in default kit.)
Recall Drop Axe/Sword to use.

Instantly teleport back to where you were 3(+1L) seconds ago. Receive Regeneration 3 for 2(+1L) seconds

Cannot be used while slowed

3 35 (-5L) seconds Sneaking while active will teleport back to where you were 1.5 seconds ago, and heal 2(+0.5L) HP. 17(-2L) cooldown time. Can be used while slowed. 1000 Gems

PassiveB Edit

Skill Name

Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirement
Combo Attack Each time you attack, your damage increases by 1.

Maximum of 1(+1L) bonus damage.

Not attacking for 2 seconds clears your bonus damage.

3 Combo attack bonus damage does not stacks to other targets Free (provided in default kit.)
Backstab Attacks from behind deal 1.5(+1.5L) additional Damage 3 none 1000 Gems
Shocking Strikes Your attacks shock targets for 1(+1L) seconds, giving them Slow 1 and Screen-Shake.As well as blindness for 0(+1L) seconds. 6(+1L) cooldown time 3 To victim, Screen-Shake appears as if he or she's getting getting constantly hit. 1000 Gems
Viper Strikes Your attacks give Poison 1 for 1(+1L) seconds. 3 Poison does not penetrate armor. 1000 Gems

PassiveC Edit

Skill Name

Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirements
Break Fall You roll when you hit the ground;

Fall damage is reduced by 2(+1.5L)

3 none Free
Resilience Your body and mind is exceptionally resistant. Durations on you are 35(+15L)% shorter for; Slow, Fire, Shock, Confusion, Poison, Blindness. 3 none Free

Trivia Edit

  • In the lobby when you play KOTH (King Of The Hill) the leather armor that you wear will give you speed similar to the assassin class.