Bacon Brawl
Minigame Type Arcade
Status Available
Teams Solo minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Official Release Date September 28th, 2013
Number of Players 8 - 16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon None; part of Mixed Arcade
Portal Representation None; part of Mixed Arcade
Server Tag Unknown
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Bacon Brawl is an Arcade minigame in Mineplex that was released on September 28th, 2013. When or if it was released to Beta is unknown. Bacon Brawl takes the form of a free-for-all, where players have to fight to the death as different pigs.

Summary Edit

You spawn as a pig (or a sheep, depending on your kit) in one of the maps either floating above void, or surrounded by lava. Deaths by lava are not instant- on some maps it is even possible to escape the lava but jumping onto a nearby ledge and hope the fire from the lava does not kill you. However, maps using the void are considerably more difficult- deaths from the void are instant, making escape almost impossible. You have to knock your opponents off of the edge to kill them as their health (and yours) constantly regenerates. When you are the last remaining pig on the arena, you win.

Note - Most Bacon Brawl matches can take a long time to end, especially when it's down to the last few players.

Maps Edit

Kits Edit

Kit Official description Physical description Inventory Special abilities Strategy


El Muchacho Pigo "Such a fat pig. Oink." An adult pig.
  • Iron Axe (grid)Iron Axe
  • Body Slam - Press the RMBwith the Iron Axe (grid)Iron Axe to jump into the air, followed by a downward smash, dealing area-of-effect damage to nearby enemies.
Use Body Slam on foes near the edge to almost guarantee

a kill. Make sure they're the ones closest to the edge.

Mama Piggles "Mama and Baby Piggles fight together!" A baby pig riding an adult pig.[Note 1]
  • Iron Axe (grid)Iron Axe
  • Bacon Blast - Press the RMBwith the Iron Axe (grid)Iron Axe to throw an explosive Raw Porkchop in the direction of the player's cursor.
  • Speed - Has a permanent Speed II buff.
Use Speed II to get away from others, and hit with Bacon Blast from distance. 2000 Gems
'Pig' "...Oink?" A pink sheep.
  • Iron Axe (grid)Iron Axe
  • Cloak - Press the RMBto gain the Invisibility buff for a few seconds. Cooldown - 15 seconds
  • Backstab - Deal +250% knockback when attacking from behind an enemy.
Great for sneaking away from a fight, or sneaking behind your opponents. 5000 Gems

 Achievements Edit

Achievement Requirement Reward
King of Bacon Win 50 games of Bacon Brawl. 600 Gems
Bacon Brawl Master Achievement Unlock all achievements in Bacon Brawl. TBD

 Notes Edit

  1. Formerly just a baby pig.

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