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The icon for the Balloons submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Release date January 19, 2016
Used in Main Lobby and Waiting Lobby

Balloons are a cosmetic on Mineplex. They are just what the name says - mobs or blocks on a leash, attached to you. They move around with you as you move around.


Balloons can be equipped under the cosmetic menu in game. When equipped, a floating entity attached to a leash will appear next to you. The leash is in your hand, but appears next to you. Whenever you move, the balloons will move along with you, although in a very twitchy manner.

A player can equip up to 10 Balloons at once, and carry them around at the same time.

List of BalloonsEdit

Icon Balloon
Baby Cow Balloon
Cooked Porkchop
Baby Pig Balloon
Rotten Flesh
Baby Zombie Balloon
Mushroom Stew
Baby Mushroom Cow Balloon
Cooked Fish
Baby Ocelot Balloon
Baby Wolf Balloon
White Wool (grid)
Baby Sheep Balloon
Emerald (grid)
Baby Villager Balloon
Baby Slime Balloon
Ink Sac (grid)
Squid Balloon
Pumpkin Pie
Bat Balloon
Silverfish Balloon
Prismarine Shard
Guardian Balloon
Block of Emerald (grid)
Emerald Block Balloon

Gallery Edit


  • If you fall into the void with any balloons equipped, the balloons will disappear with a chat message saying

Balloons> Your balloons popped when you fell into the void! Equip them again!

  • There's a rare bug where the balloon animals are fully grown-up instead of baby, and twitch around much more than usual.
  • Balloons at Carl's Spinner are showing the usage information aswell.
  • Balloons are the only cosmetic type of items which have all standardized descriptions.
    • This also used to be the case with Pets

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