The Battle of The Bridges was an official Bridges tournament hosted by Mineplex and the Mineplex Competitive League . The tournament was hosted using a custom made bracket system. The system was comprised of group rounds, loser rounds, quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds. The tournament was tracked using the bracket website Challonge.

In total, there was 48 teams which made up 673 players. Each team was allowed to have a maximum of 15 players, with a minimum of 10 players (the max player count for a Bridges team). The original amount of teams when the tournament was announced was 32, but was increased to 48 due to the amount of interest provided by players.

The tournament was announced on the Mineplex homepage , Mineplex Twitter , Mineplex Facebook and on the Mineplex Games channel, where the official trailer was uploaded by the Mineplex team.

Tournament Placing Team Name Prizes
1st Place Dauntless An exclusive in-game Title (“2017 Bridges Champion”)

A Power Play Club subscription for three months

A rank upgrade and/or chests

2nd Place Ish13Club 3 Illuminated Chests for each member

A Power Play subscription for two months

3rd Place Duh Destroyars 1 Illuminated chest for each member​

A Power Play subscription for one month

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