The Blaze is a kit in Super Smash Mobs. It costs 8000 gems, the most expensive kit in the game, tying with the Chicken.

Stats Edit

Damage: 6.0 (Above Average)

Armor: 6.0 (Above Average) (Full Chain Armor)


Knockback Taken: 150% (Middle Weight)

Health Regeneration: 0.25 per sec (Slow)

Attributes Edit

The Blaze is a kit that does good damage along with moderate armor and knock-back taken. Blaze is the only mob kit that can deal fire damage, which is useful for armor penetration against Iron Golem and Cow. Blaze has the Inferno ability, an energy-drawing ability that lets you shoot out fire (blaze powder) to ignite foes. This can deal extreme damage if given enough time, but almost none if used fleetingly. However, it deals no knock-back but it's good for a pseudo-blindness effect, as fire will consume about half of the burning player's screen, depending on their resource pack. Firefly allows it to cause excellent knockback and serves as a doable recovery move, if allowed to charge for the necessary second. As it also deals 150% knockback, it is much a melee kit, supplemented by the Inferno ability. Blaze also has permanent Speed I and high jump height, making it one of the most mobile mobs in the game.

Despite its strengths, Blaze is not without its cons. Blaze can be killed easily, by either direct damage or falling off the stage. This is because of its slow health regeneration, the 2nd slowest in the game. Blaze's Firefly is very predictable and it takes time to charge up, then charge into players. If the Blaze takes 4 or more damage while charging up, the ability will be canceled, making it easy to counter and drop into the void

Overall, Blaze can rack up damages, but its moves are predictable and Blaze can be killed fairly easily. Inferno does good damage, but it's predictable and leaves the Blaze open to attack. Firefly is an annoying move if it hits but it can be cancelled by enough damage and it can be dodged very easily.

Moveset Edit

Blaze is equipped with a Sword, Axe, and a Tracking Compass.

Buffs - Edit

  • Permanent Speed I
  • Deals 0% Knockback to burning enemies.

Sword Move - Inferno Edit

Ranged Bow standby copy, Melee Iron sword copy, Status EffectPotion bottle splash, AoE Tnt side

Hold Block to spew out flames to do low damage, no knock-back, and fire damage. It will also cover half the view of your opponents, depending on the resource pack he/she has. Keeping enemies in the Inferno will rack up much damage, regardless of their armor.

Axe Move - Firefly Edit

Melee Iron sword copy, Movement Leather Boots (grid), Recovery Feather copy

Right click the axe to charge up for 1.5 seconds, then ram into other players to do moderate damage and decent knock-back. It serves as an excellent recovery move, as you travel a large distance. When flying forward, you gain invincibility from attacks and abilities. However, it can be cancelled by taking 4 or more damage, or getting shot by a projectile in the first second of charging up. Sir Sheep's Static Lazer may not be considered a projectile, but it can also cancel the move. Firefly is also very easy to dodge.

Smash Ability - Phoenix Edit

SmashNether star copy, Movement Leather Boots (grid), Melee Iron sword copy

You charge around in a shower of red particles, dealing damage. Phoenix is quite like Firefly, but you can fly fairly freely and it lasts for 20 seconds, with no charge time. Due to a likely bug when hitting your enemies, the 2nd time and onward does pitifully no damage. Like Firefly, this move is easy to avoid.

Trivia Edit

  • The Blaze in late 2013 was the only class which turned from a gem class into an Ultra Class.

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