Block Hunt
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Minigame Type Classic
Status Available
Teams Team minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Official Release Date November 16th, 2013
Number of Players 24
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Grass Block
Portal Representation Pig
Server Tag BH-#
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Block Hunt is a Classic minigame that was released to Mineplex on an unknown date. In Block Hunt, the Hiders have to change into various blocks or animals and hide, while the Hunters have to seek hiders and find them all.

Aim of the GameEdit

Hiders - Stay hidden and alive for as long as you can!

Hunters - Find and kill all the hiders!

The Hiders win if at least one Hider is alive at the end of the time limit.

The Hunters can never win, even if they kill all the hiders before the time limit.

Forenote about hackersEdit

It is very difficult to report someone for hacking if they are a hider; their nameplate and skin are hidden. The best way is to film them, and kill them (or get killed by them). This way, the staff will be able to see that as the hacker dies (or as you die), their name shows up in the chat. (Eg. "[Hacker's Player Name] killed you" or "You were killed by [Hacker's Player Name]" Of course, if they are flying, it will be nigh on impossible to catch them (Unless you have good archery skills). Instead, see if you can see them flying in the lobby.

Another way is to use the /server command to know which server you are on, go to /hub and then return to the server again using /server <name>. Then you will join as a spectator and can use the compass to see the name of a nearby player.

How to PlayEdit

Hiders - You have 30 seconds (10 seconds game start and 20 seconds "time to hide") to find a suitable space to settle down. Provided that the space is valid (eg, not half slabs), your experience bar will fill up, and when it is full, you become fully integrated with the map. It is not necessary to crouch. If you move off your block which you were hiding on you will become an "out of place" block again. You are able to turn into both blocks and mobs. Note- flower pots are commonly used as their hit box is very small, making it very easy for them to kill the hunters. However chickens are the best disguise to use, as they cannot be picked up easily from hackers that use BlockHuntESP (whereas pots can), and their hit box if even smaller than a pot's.

List of blocks Hiders can become: Melon, Hay Bale, Tnt, Flower Pot, Cake, Bookcase, Furnace, Crafting Table, Anvil, and Cauldron.

Hiders can disguise as any mob that is within the map.

Hunters - When the 30 second hiding time has run up, the seekers will be released. Try to find as many hiders as you can! A lot of hiders at the start of the game will camp out on roof tops, in order to stop the hunters from reaching land or simply to be more aggressive in their defense. See the Kits and Tactics page for how to spot hiders!

Maps (Not all maps are listed at this time) Needs updating.Edit


Here is a list of all available kits.

Hunter Kits Edit

Kit Name Cost Inventory Special Abilities Strategy
Leaper Hunter Free
  • Full Iron Armor
  • Iron Axe
  • Bow
Leap- Jump forward in the direction you are facing. Use Leap to get to high places, or to catch up to fleeing hiders.
TNT Hunter 2000 Gems
  • Full Golden Armor
  • Iron Sword
  • Bow
TNT- Gain a Throwing TNT every 10 seconds, maximum of 2. Use Throwing TNT to blow up stacks of blocks at once. Flush out Hiders from structures by throwing a TNT in. Throw a TNT into a hard-to-reach area to easily take out the Hiders.
Radar Hunter 5000 Gems
  • Full Chain Armor
  • Wooden Sword
  • Bow
  • Compass
Tracking Compass- Holding the Compass lets you hear clicks that get higher and faster as you approach a Hider. The Compass becomes invaluable when there is a Hider who nobody can find. Just move around the map with the Compass in hand to get a better idea of where they are. Since you have a weak sword, use your Bow more often to deal better damage.

Hider Kits Edit

All Hiders start the game with an upgradeable Wooden Axe, Bow, 5 Fireworks, 1 Sugar (Meow Taunt), and a swapper Slimeball (Except for the Infestor, which has a Magma Cream instead).

Kit Name Cost Special Abilities Strategy
Swapper Hider Free Infinite Swapping- You can swap blocks as many times as you like. If you find a better hiding place than the one you have, you can just swap blocks and take it!
Instant Hider 2000 Gems Instant Hide- You can instantly solidify as a solid block once still. It's easy to "disappear" from chasing Hunters with this kit, just stop moving and you're solid again!
Shocking Hider 5000 Gems Shocking Strikes- Hitting Hunters gives them Shock, as well as Blindness, Nausea, and Slowness for a few seconds. You gain Speed temporarily after hitting a Hunter. Hunters will have a hard time figuring out where you went after you hit them and run away!
Infestor Hider Achievement Kit Infest- The only way for an Infestor to hide is by right-clicking an existing game block (Anvil, Hay, TNT, etc.) with their Magma Cream, which then teleports them into the target block and makes them invisible. When mobile, the Infestor is a slime making loud noises, easily noticeable. Infest has a 10-second cooldown. Any existing game block is one you can Infest, making any block a potential hiding spot!


The Blockiest Block - Win 50 games of Block Hunt as a Hider.

Hunter Killer - Kill 10 hunters in a single game.

Meow Meow Meow Meow - Meow 50 times in a single game. 

Hunter of the Year - Kill 7 hiders in a single game.

Bad Hider - Win as hider without disguising. (Meaning do not become a solid block for the whole game.)


  • The Shocker Hider kit was at one time removed for unknown reasons, and was re-added with improvements in the 2014 Halloween update.
  • There is an easter egg in Cookie Town that includes a headstone reading "R.I.P. King Jonalon". It is extremely likely that this is referencing the fact that King Sparklez of Castle Siege 2.0 was originally intended to be named King Jonalon, but the name was changed later on.

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