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Block Hunt is a hide-and-seek type minigame on Mineplex. You are able to play as either one of the hiders, who must keep from being killed and can turn into blocks, or as one of the hunters, who must kill all the hiders. It is one of Mineplex's most popular and most played minigames. There are many different ways to try and achieve victory in this game, many of which are discussed here. (NOTE: This page is intended to contain information on the kits and tactics of block hunt, not the cosmetic effects or achievements or even the entry stratagies, please do not expect to find information on those topics here. Instead, play the game yourself, watch a YouTube walkthrough, or click this link: Block Hunt.



Rooftop Camper Edit

Some hiders may choose to camp on rooftops. This is a very useful strategy, as hunters will find you hard to kill, and you can also snipe Hunters easily. Although, one of the setbacks to doing this is that hunters often go to roofs, this tactic being very common.

Livestock Camper Edit

The livestock pens scattered throughout the map can be good places to hide, their proximity to the hunters' spawn make them good hideout for shocker hiders and players good with a bow.

Mobile Infestation Edit

As an Infestor Hider, a good escape tactic is to get away from hunters by infesting different blocks over and over again, therefore traversing the map invisibly.

Wild Hider Edit

Some hiders may prefer to simply run around and kill hunters. This is a good tactic for the Shocker Hider. Often times, massive teams of people will use shocker hider, the most common case being them all chickens or flower pots.

Hunters Edit

TNT-Radar Combo Edit

This is a very effective tactic where a TNT Hunter and a Radar Hunter team up. The Radar Hunter leads his partner to the hiders, and the TNT Hunter blows the area to pieces.

Pile Sabotage Edit

As you traverse the map, you will see numerous piles of crafting tables, hay bales, and watermelons. Because hiders are able to turn into these blocks, TNT Hunters should try to blow them up to make sure there are no hiders in there. Be wary of out-of-place blocks in a pile, these are usually natural unless the hiders are real noobs, do not pay any heed to them.

Remember to use your Bow and Leap Edit

These tactics tend to be underrated by Hunters, but they can allow you to kill campers easily and catch up to running blocks.

How to Spot HidersEdit

There are several ways that you can become a better Hunter. One of them is learning how to find the Hiders in the first place. There are several ways to do this. First, purchasing the Radar Hunter kit will give you a compass that spins more frequently the closer you are to a hider. Second, always check the rooftops. Many hiders will camp there. Third, try to memorize the layout of some notable locations in the maps, so you can tell if one of the blocks is fake. Forth, look for animals with strange behavior, such as a downward-angled head or sprinting particles and an increased speed. Finally, if you are being hit by arrows, try to judge in which direction you are being knocked back. Using this information, try to deduce where the arrows are coming from.

Glitches Edit

Hiders Edit

Hiding in Water Edit

On all three block hunt maps, there is water. Usually, hiders will take damage from water. However, if one manages to break the block beneath while standing on it, your feet may glitch into the block and you won't take damage from the water anymore. This is due to the fact that in block hunt hiders only take damage if their feet are in the water. However, this glitch can only be done by livestock hiders or by an infestor slime. Otherwise, hiders are not able to break the block beneath them. 

Infesting Through Walls Infestors can break a block, and then infest a block behind the block that was broken to infest through a wall. This glitch allows infestor to get to places where a hunter can't get to with the exception of the TNT hunter. One popular spot for this glitch is infesting into the house that has doors that can't be opened in the map Cookie Town. This tactic can also be used by the infestor to easily escape from hunters. (This glitch no longer works due everyone can open door)