Bomb Lobbers
Mineplex Bomb Lobbers
The official logo for Bomb Lobbers.
Minigame Type Arcade
Status Available
Teams Team minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Official Release Date 7/25/15
Number of Players 16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Fire Charge
Portal Representation Skeleton holding TNT
Server Tag BL-#
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Bomb Lobbers is an Arcade minigame on Mineplex that was released on July 25th, 2015.

Aim of the game Edit

Throw TNT onto the other team's island to blow them up! Last team standing wins!

How to play Edit

When the game starts, players will spawn on one of 2 islands, depending on their team. When the game begins, players are given Throwing TNT to throw at the other team. Left Clicking with the TNT launches it.

TNT your team throws will have a trail of particles whose color matches your team. The enemy team has particle trails matching their color as well.

Blasts will take out a chunk of an island, and will deal damage to nearby players. If a player dies, they will not respawn, instead becoming a Spectator. TNT that your team threw will not explode on your island. If someone is relatively closer to a TNT that is about to detonate, then their health goes down a considerable amount, sometimes even killing them instantly, depending on how close they are to the TNT.

The team that still has living players when the other team is dead is the winner.

You gain one TNT every 5 seconds for a maximum of 3.


Kits Edit

Kit Description Cost Special Abilities Strategy
Jumper Use your jumping abilities to leap away from danger! You take no fall damage! Free
  • Double tap Spacebar to double jump.
  • Does not take fall damage.
Jump away from TNT using the kit's Double Jump ability.
Armorer He uses his expert armor-making skills to block excess damage! 2000 Gems
  • Receives full golden armor at the beginning of each game.
The Armorer kit has higher survivability than other kits, so areas being bombed are safer for players to enter, leading to better mobility.
Pitcher He can easily pitch the perfect shot for any occasion. 4000 Gems
  • Use the LMBwith the lever to increase shot velocity.
  • Use the RMBwith the lever to decrease shot velocity.
Players should hide behind cover and snipe, periodically peeking out to see if they need to adjust their velocity. They should keep away from the front of their island, as they can bomb the enemy from farther away by increasing the velocity.
Waller When times get tough, build yourself a wall! Unlock all Bomb Lobbers achievements.
  • Use the RMBwith the Shovel to build a wall to block TNT.
Protect the player and their teammates with walls, especially in areas that will likely be bombed in the future.

Gems Edit

Gem Amount Action
10 Gems Participation Reward
10 Gems Winning the game
4 Gems 1 Kill
4 Gems Direct Hit
1 Gem 1 Kill Assist
1 Gem 2 TnT Thrown

Achievements Edit

Achievement Requirement Reward
Master Bomber Win 100 games of Bomb Lobbers. 1200 Gems
Professional Lobber Throw 2000 TNT 1000 Gems
Ultimate Killer Kill 6 players in a single game. 800 Gems
Jelly Skin Win a game without taking any damage. 1200 Gems
Sniper Get 50 direct hits. 800 Gems
Blast Proof Win 20 games with the Armorer kit. 1000 Gems
Bomb Lobbers Master Achievement Unlock all Bomb Lobbers achievements. Waller Kit

Glitches Edit

Patched Edit

  • When the game was first released, it was impossible to purchase the Armorer kit for about 1.5 weeks.

External links Edit

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