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Brute is a kit for the following minigame known as Champions.

Class Summary Edit

Brutes have lots of Crowd Control skills - or skills which involves manipulating the placement of players. They can pick up and throw blocks (Block Toss) to deal damage from mid-distance, pick up and toss players (Dwarf Toss,) or lure enemies out of their comfort zone (Flesh Hook.) With their axe they can leap and slam against the ground (Seismic Slam) and shoot nearby players up in the air, throw themselves at an enemy player to pin both the Brute and the victim down (Takedown,) or spin their axe to lure escaping players into their melee range (Whirlwind Axe.)

Their passives help slow down enemies (Intimidation and Crippling Blow,) deal more damage (Bloodlust and Overwhelm,) or help increase its speed the longer it sprints (Stampede.) They can also take reduced knockback so enemy players will have a harder time making combos on Brutes.

Despite their diamond armor, they're not as durable as Knight, but oddly they take slightly less damage if whatever hit they take has a damage value of 8 or more, while Knights takes slightly less damage from damage values of 7 or less. Therefore Brutes should use their skills more often when facing against other resilient players, especially Knights; with pure melee fights, Knights are more like to win.

Skill Asset Types Edit

Sword skills are triggered by holding down Block ("right mouse button" by default,) and Axe skills are triggered with right-click.

NOTE: All description comes directly from the game.

Key Legends:

HP = Hit Points

L = per level

Sword Edit

Skill Name Description Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirements
Block Toss Hold block to pick up a block, release block to throw it, dealing 7(+1L) damage.

Charges 50(+10L)% per second.

5 1.5 seconds none Free (provided in default kit.)
Dwarf Toss Hold block to pick up target player.

Release block to throw target player.

Players you are holding cannot harm you, or be harmed by other players.

1 16 seconds Takes 2.5 seconds to fully charge, costs 2 skill tokens instead of 1. 1000 gems
Flesh Hook Hold block to charge Flesh Hook.

Release block to release it.

Charges 50(+10L)% per second.

If Flesh Hook hits a player, it deals up to 6(+1L) damage, and rips them towards you with 1.5(+0.3L) velocity.

5 14(-1L) seconds none 1000 gems

Axe Edit

Skill Name Description Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirements
Seismic Slam Jump up and slam back into the ground. Players within 6(+0.5L) blocks take up to 2(+1L) damage and are thrown into the air. 5 20(-1L) seconds none Free (provided in default kit.)
Takedown Hurl yourself towards an opponent.

If you collide with them, you deal 5(+1L) damage. You both receive Slow 4 for 3(+0.5L) seconds.

5 16(-1L) seconds Unlike Knight's Hold Position, Brute's Slow can be nullified with Resistance. 1000 gems
Whirlwind Axe Whirl your axes around rapidly dealing up to 4(+1L) damage to enemies within 5(+1L) blocks, pulling them towards you. 5 20(-1L) seconds none Unlock all Champions achievements.

PassiveA Edit

Skill Name Description Max Level Other Statistics Requirements
Stampede You slowly build up speed as you sprint. You gain a level of speed for every 4(-1L) seconds, up to a max of speed 2.

Attacking during stampede deals 0(+0.25L) bonus damage per speed level, and +50% knockback per speed level.

Resets if you take damage.

3 Speed build-up also resets if you stop. Free (provided in default kit.)
Intimidation You intimidate nearby enemies; enemies within 10(+1L) blocks receive Slow 1. 3 Drop weapon to activate,Last 10(+2) seconds, 15(-1.5L) seconds Cooldown time. 1000 gems
Bloodlust When you kill an enemy, you go into a Bloodlust, receiving Speed 1 and Strength 1, for 6(+2L) seconds. You also heal 1(+1L) health.

Bloodlust can stack up to 3 times, boosting the level of speed by 1.

3 Heals on kill, not just activating bloodlust. 1000 gems

PassiveB Edit

Skill Name Description Max Level Other Statistics Requirements
Crippling Blow Your powerful axe gives enemies Slow 2 for 1.5 seconds, as well as 25% less knockback. 1 Costs 2 skill tokens instead of 1. Free (provided in default kit.)
Colossus You are so huge that you take 33% less knockback from attacks.You deal 0.5 less damage. Sneaking will negate all knockback 1 Costs 2 skill tokens instead of 1. 1000 gems
Overwhelm For every 1 health you have more than your target, you deal 0.25 bonus damage.

Maximum of 1(+0.5L) bonus damage.

3 In other words if your opponent has 4 hp (2 hearts) less than you, you deal 1 bonus damage to it. 1000 gems

PassiveC Edit

Skill Name Description Max Level Other Statistics Requirements
Break Fall You roll when you hit the ground;

Fall damage is reduced by 2(+2)

3 none Free
Resistance Your body and mind is exceptionally resistant. Durations on you are 25(+25L)% shorter for; Slow, Fire, Shock, Confusion, Poison, Blindness. 3 Skills not listed in the description are not affected, such as "marked," or silence. Free

Trivia Edit