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A Builder, formerly known as a Mapper and the Mapper rank, and collectively known as the Build Team, builds various maps for Mineplex, along with anything that requires building. Having this rank earns the player the blue/white BUILDER tag in the Mineplex forums and the dark blue BUILDER rank in-game. This team is led by t3hero.

Players may apply on Your builds are judged on two categories, aesthetics and gameplay, which translates to the detail of the map and how practical the map is for playing a specific minigame. Your build must feature a majority of built Mineplex mini-games.

Although this does not usually happen, some builders are also members of the Mineplex Staff Team.

Sub-Teams Edit

Map Issues
Map Submissions
BT Media
Paper Builder
Builder Apps

Builders can also become members of sub-teams after 1 month on the team. These teams include Map Submissions, who deal with community submitted maps; the Applications team, who deal with community applications to become builders; Build Team Media, which involves taking screenshots and recording / editing videos of maps; the Map Issues team, which is like a map-oriented Quality Assurance team; and the Paper Builder team, who handle technical Builder-related things.

List of Current Builders Edit

Note: The list was last updated April 7th, 2018 by Zyeos

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  • t3hero (Build Lead) (Build Admin)