Carl the Creeper
I'm a friendly, hard-working creeper!
Carl the Creeper (avatar)
Personal information
Also known as Carl
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Location United States
User ID 14310710
Mineplex account creation date August 10th, 2015

Carl the Creeper is a creeper in Mineplex that was added on August 12th, 2015 that can be found in the central plaza of the Main Lobby. He exists mainly to allow players to collect daily and monthly rewards in-game, without having to visit the Mineplex website to do so. Carl has been referred to as an "employee of Mineplex" by Chiss and other staff members alike, but the degree of truth to this statement is unknown.[1]

Appearance and personality Edit

Carl fits the standard businessman archetype with his tie and suitcase, though the former sticks up unprofessionally for unknown reasons. There are also hints of being related to an attendant or cashier of sorts, where large quantities of people would need to know a person's name conveniently and quickly; this can be attributed from his name tag. Similar to film character Indiana Jones, Carl wears a tall-crowned wide-brimmed fedora. None of these articles of clothing appear in-game, allegedly due to Carl needing to sell them in order to buy the slot machine.[2]

Not much is known about Carl's personality, except that he has been known to literally explode from his temper in-game, allegedly causing server outages.[2]

Rewards Edit

Type Base reward(s) Cooldown Streak bonus Streak reset
Daily reward 20 hours 5% 1.3 days
Rank monthly bonus

1 Mythical Chest (Ultra)

2 Mythical Chests(Hero)

3 Mythical Chests (Legend)

5 Mythical Chests (Titan)

2 Mythical Chests
2 Illuminated Chests
1 Omega Chest (Eternal+)

1 month
Vote for Mineplex
  • 1 Carl Spin Ticket
  • 400 Gems
20 hours 5% (does not affect Carl Spin Ticket) 1.9 days
Vote on polls 600 Gems
Power Play Club 1 month
Facebook reward 10 Ancient Chests Obtainable once
Mineplex Games Reward


250 Treasure Shards 20 hours
Featured Creator Reward


250 Treasure Shards 20 hours
Thank rewards 5 Treasure Shards per player thanking
Ad reward 1 Carl Spin Ticket 24 hours after watching 5 ads

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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