Feature removed
This feature was removed and is no longer available on the server.

Removal Date Reason
December 13, 2015 Replaced with Treasure Party Bomb
Coin Party Bomb
Coin Party Bomb
The icon for a Coin Party Bomb.
Also known as Coin Party, Coin Bomb
Code None
Function Unknown
Used in Main Lobby

The Coin Party Bomb was a special Gadget that could have been used in Game Wait Rooms and the lobby. It had the potential of giving Coins to other players. Coin Party Bombs had a 30 second cooldown between uses.


Coin Part Bombs could be obtained by: purchasing them in the Gadgets section in the Cosmetics menu for 2000 Coins, as rare loot in Treasure Chests, or as a very rare find in Game Loot. They provided up to 500 Coins if used privately, and they ware not worth their money for a private party with your friends, but everyone will love you!


Throwing a Coin Party Bomb In Mineplex!

Throwing a Coin Party Bomb In Mineplex!

Once obtained, the player could right-click the Coin Party bomb to throw it anywhere in the lobby, resulting in a block of gold being launched on the floor with yellow and white firework particles coming out of it like a fountain.

Note: The block of gold can't be picked up.

Coins are then spewed out of the block in random directions, with each coin picked up worth 4 Coins. Also, a message in the chat would display in yellow and white: [Username] has thrown a Coin Party Bomb! After a few moments, the gold block disappeared, ending the event.