Combat Slide is an ability that is only used by the class Rowena in Heroes of Gwen. It was added along with the beta release on June 15, 2017.

Statistics Edit

When sneaking or clicking the feather item in the third hotbar slot, the ability is activated. Rowena will be quickly moving forward, however only horizontically.

The player is pushed forwards multiple times for about 9-10 blocks if not moving on their own.

The ability has a recharge time of 8 seconds.

History Edit

June 15, 2017 - Heroes of Gwen Beta Edit

  • [Added] Ability released

Strategies Edit

With Edit

If you can not fight against the enemies anymore, the Combat Slide is a great ability to escape. It gives you some time and slight lead to reload arrows and evade the close combat. The distance is increased if you are moving in the air, so it is beneficial to jump before using the ability.

As the ability does not push the player upwards, you will not be able to flee to a higher spot.

Against Edit

If the opponent is using Combat Slide, they are most likely about to die. Do not let them escape and force them into a corner to kill your enemy.

Trivia Edit

  • When equipping the focused armour set, the recharge time can be lowered from 8 seconds to 5.6 seconds