Communities are a feature that was released to Mineplex on December 23rd, 2016. Communities are like a permanent party/group and can be created by anyone who is Eternal or above by using the command /com create <name>

Communities Release

Release of Communities

Communities have many features such as its own global chat system and the ability to create an MCS server (MPS but for a community)

Players are limited to only being able to create one community but can join as many as they like.

Roles Edit

Role Description Permissions
Member The default role to anyone joining or

being invited to a community

Access to use the global chat system and ability

to join the MCS if open.

Co-Leader Co-Leader allows management of the

community with some limitations

Ability to invite/kick members, create an MCS server

Automatically Co-Host on the MCS server. Can change

Community Description. Can modify community settings

within the community GUI.

Leader Automatically given to whoever

created the community.

Users can be promoted to this role

but they must be Eternal Rank.

Everything Co-Leader has & is able to rename the

community, can promote other users to Co-Leader &

Leader. Can also disband the community.

Commands Edit

Command Role/Rank Description
/com Anyone The root command for Communities - /com will open up the main GUI

for communities. You can also do /com <community> to get taken

directly to the correct page for that community.

/com join Anyone Used to join a community that is either public or one that you've been invited to.
/com create Eternal+ Used to create a new community.
/com chat Member Used to choose what community chat you'd like to talk in.

Following this command typing !<message> will allow you to send a message into the community chat

/com invite Co-Leader Used to invite someone to a community.
/com uninvite Co-Leader Removes a pending invite to another user.
/com description Co-Leader Allows you to set/change the description of a community.
/com mcs Co-Leader Allows you to create the MCS server for a community.
/com rename Leader Changes the name of a community.
/com disband Leader Disbands/Deletes your community.

The GUI Edit

The Community GUI can be quite complex at first however it is quite easy to understand once you know what does what.


Mineplex Community Settings

To start off with the Community Settings GUI can be found under the Comparator once you've open the community you're a Leader/Co-Leader of.

Settings Edit

The Feather (Top Left Centre) is your option to select your communities' favorite game. In this case, it is Skywars. The item will look different depending on what game you have chosen. Usually, it will be the same item as in the /stats. For example, if the set game is Bridges, the icon will be an Iron Pickaxe

The Door represents your communities' Privacy Setting. There are 3 different settings, Closed, Open to Join, and Accepting Join Requests. If your community is closed then all users will have to manually be invited to the community in order to join. Open to Join means anyone can just join it whenever they like and Accepting Join Requests means you'll have to manually accept people who want to join.

The Book and Quill toggles whether you can see the community chat or not - this can be used by anyone in the community.

The Paper changes the delay on how quickly people can send messages through the community chat. The values that can be applied are 1, 3 & 5 seconds.

The coloured wool represents the colour formatting of your communities' chat. The wool blocks change the color of parts of the community chat in this order: <community name> <username> <message>. You can change the colour of each of these variables within the chat.

Members Page Edit


Mineplex Community Members

The member's page allows you to change user roles & kick members from the community.

To change a user role you can either Left Click them to promote to Co-Leader or Shift-Left Click to promote them to Leader. Right Click will demote a Co-Leader back to Member and Shift-Right Click will kick the user from the community.

The Paper allows you to view pending join requests if your privacy setting is set to Accepting Join Requests.

Communities Page Edit


Mineplex Communities GUI

The Communities Page shows you what communities you're in, which ones are open to join and which ones you've been invited to.

The Emerald will show you your current communities that you are in

The Compass will show you which communities are open to join/accepting join requests.

The Paper will show you which communities you've currently been invited to.

The arrows allow you to browse through pages.

Mineplex Community Server (MCS) Edit

2017-01-30 14.57.36

MCS Lobby

An MCS can be created by a Co-Leader or the Leader of a community via doing /com mcs <community name>

Anyone within the community can then do /server COM-<community name>-1 to join the MCS.

The set game of the MCS will automatically default to your communities favourite game. An MCS server functions exactly the same as an MPS server, however, there can only be a max player count of 20 and only members of your community can join it.

Co-Leaders of a community are automatically given Co-Host which cannot be removed unless their Co-Leader role is removed.

History Edit

December 23rd, 2016 Edit

  • Communities offically released to Mineplex, along with Eternal Rank and Taunts

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