These are the classes:

Brute - Brute is a kit with full Diamond armor. Some consider the most offensive kit and indeed very powerful. Somewhat lacks projectiles.

Ranger - For the Ranger Kit, you are given a sword, a bow, and full chain armor. Recommended for skilled archer users. You can help your teammates from afar by shooting attacking opponents.

Knight - The Knight Kit, like other kits, has full armor, Iron armor, and an iron sword. It is given to a player automatically if they do not choose a kit. Best kit for defensive combat, but however, lacks projectiles, unless getting roped axe throw. A good dominate strategy for knight is to stay and guard already captured control points.

Mage - If you choose the Mage Kit you are clad with full Golden armor and a Golden sword. Mage is very versatile, able to choose from 29 different skills that have various effects and are split into 3 distinct elements: Frost, Flame, and Electricity. Ice Prison and Rupture can be used defensively while capturing or protecting a control point, while Magma Blast can be used as an offense or a quick getaway method. Ice Prison, Rupture, and Magma Blast can all be used to get up to high places.

Assassin - At the beginning of every match, with this kit you are given infinite Speed II and are built for mobility but have options for other fighting styles. The Assasin Kit gives you full leather armor and a diamond sword. This kit is the stealthy kit of Champions, having access to several different moves that give it range, agility, and mastery of chaos. Assassin is very good for sneaking up on and killing mages or rangers that are capturing a control point

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