Events in Mineplex mark special occasions and are centered around a theme or objective. During these periods, server decorations and certain minigames may become available for a short time. Physical and virtual prizes are sometimes offered, such as ranks, cosmetics, and gaming devices.

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Competitions Edit

Competitions in Mineplex are contests between players to determine one or more winners, and can be based either inside or outside the server. Prizes are usually offered to top-placing individuals, such as ranks or gaming equipment.

Holiday events Edit

"Holiday" redirects here. For the minigame type, see Games#Holiday.

Holiday events are based on their respective holidays, sometimes running well before and after the actual date of the celebration. Decorations are displayed around the server, and a themed minigame is available to players for the duration of the event. Event-specific cosmetics may also be awarded, as well as unique Treasure Chests.

Hosted events Edit

Hosted events on Mineplex are overseen by the Community Management and Community Assistance teams and revolve around a theme, such as completing special challenges or playing a modified version of a minigame. Most are located on either the event server (/server event-1) or the TeamSpeak server.

Hosted events usually repeat on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and whether or not they are in circulation depends on the season of the year. Once a season ends, there is a period of relative inactivity lasting a few weeks, where staff members do not host many events.

Name Description Season(s) Day(s)
Anything Can Happen Players and staff members engage in off-topic activities. All Wednesday
Best of the Best The most popular events are revisited, according to community feedback. Fall Sunday
Blast to the Past Staff members rehost old events and bring back limited and holiday minigames for players to play. Spring Thursday
Challenge Tuesday Players complete challenges devised by staff members. Winter
Community Challenges Players complete special objectives in games for rewards. Spring Tuesday
Community Frenzy Staff members collaborate with certain community members to host an in-game event. Summer Saturday
Community Hangouts Staff members spend time with the community and host old events. Winter Saturday
Community Stream Staff members live stream gameplay on the Mineplex Event Twitch channel. Giveaways are sometimes awarded to viewers. All Monday
Forum Fun Objectives centered around forum activities are presented, such as art and treasure hunts. Prizes are offered. Winter Wednesday to Sunday
Forum Madness! One objective to complete in the forums is given. The winner is given a prize. Summer Wednesday
Hosting Party Staff members host small event servers on their personal Mineplex Player Servers. Prizes are offered. Summer Saturday
Mineplex Karaoke Players sing a song of their choice in front of other players. All Friday
Minigame Madness Minigame players are given top-tier equipment and abilities from the start. Winter Monday
MPS Mayhem! Staff members host event servers on their personal Mineplex Player Servers. Spring Saturday
Neo Lobby Games Staff members are given Creative mode permissions to build objects and spend time with the community. The event is hosted on /server Lobby-4. Spring Tuesday
Scavenger Hunt Players solve clues posted by Community Management staff members on their profile walls, in order to move onto the next puzzle. Prizes are offered. Summer Wednesday
Summer Lobby Games Staff members redesign the Main Lobby, along with certain chosen community members. Summer Tuesday
TeamSpeak Party Players can spend time with and play games with staff members. Summer Saturday
Themed Thursday All activities, including games and prizes, are centered around a theme picked by staff members. Fall
Throwback Thursday Staff members bring back limited and holiday minigames for players to play. Fall
Thunder Thursday Players and staff members engage in off-topic activities. Fall Thursday
Trainee Acceptance Party Announces all newly accepted Trainees and reinstated Moderators from the past week. All Friday (bi-weekly)
Treasure Hunt Players are tasked to complete various challenges on the Forums with the promise of rewards. Summer Wednesday
Wacky Wednesday Minigames are given special modifiers, such as enchanted golden apples in combat. Spring Wednesday

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