Fletcher is an ability that is used in multiple games.

Statistics Edit

This ability is passive - it is always active for the duration of the game.

Fletcher grants the user who has the ability free arrows. Every once in a while, the user gains one arrow in their inventory, with arrow count usually capped at 2 arrows per user. Most commonly, the duration between receiving each arrow is two seconds, however this duration may vary.

Game Kit Maximum of arrows Reload (seconds)
A Barbarian's Life Barbarian Archer 2 2
Bawk Bawk Battles (Mini OITQ Challenge) Bawk's Food 1 4
Castle Siege 2.0 Castle Marksman 4 2
Castle Assault Archer 10 7
Death Tag Runner Archer 2 2
Dragons Marksman 4 4
Evolution Skeletal Archer 2 3
Halloween Horror and Pumpkin's Revenge Finn the Human 2 2
Robin Hood 8 1
Thor 2 2
Heroes of Gwen Rowena 2 2
Devon 3 3
Horseback Horseback Marksman 4 2
Micro Battle Archer 3 20
Sheep Quest Archer 5 2
SSM and SSM Domination Skeleton 3 3
Zombie 2 2
Super Spleef Archer 2 2
Survival Games Archer 3 20
The Bridges Archer 4 20
Tug of Wool Archer 3 20
Turf Wars Marksman 2 8
Infiltrator 1 8
Shredder 4 2
Wither Assault Human Archer 4 4
Zombie Survival Survivor Archer 2 8

History Edit

July 12th, 2013 - Bridge Update coming soon! Edit

  • [Added] Ability most likely introduced with the addition of the first Bridges kits

Strategies Edit

With Edit

Try to use your arrows when you can attack and you have reached the maximum amount, as you would waste time to damage someone if you kept all arrows, however, if you can still fletch arrows, it is usually more effective to obtain more, overwhelming your opponent later.

Against Edit

If you can only damage an archer in close combat, you should try to evade the arrows and charge at the enemy as soon as you notice they are running out of projectiles.

Trivia Edit

  • This ability is one of the most common ones across Mineplex, along with Double Jump, Leap and Barrage.
  • By using a special type of armour, it is possible to decrease the reload time in Heroes of Gwen by up to 35%