Forum Bans Edit

What is a Forum ban? Edit

A forum ban is a ban on the Mineplex forums . When a player receives a forum ban, the player can no longer post threads.

If an unbanned forumer goes to a forum banned player's profile on Mineplex, it will not let them see their mineplex profile. You can still view it if you go on the enjin website.

Who has the ability to forum ban me? Edit

Every member of the forums team (both forum moderators, and forum ninjas) have the ability to ban you, however, FMs do require confirmation before banning an account, and they are unable to ban for some offences.

I'm forum banned, how do I get unbanned? Edit

The only way to remove the forum ban is to either one, appeal, which is the right thing to do, or you can make a new account and bypass it. However, this is not at all recommended as if this alt account is created, and you are caught, that account will also be banned, which in turn will decrease your chances of being unbanned from an appeal.

Note: you can only create a forum account to appeal, posting on the forums with your alt forum account will result in your alt being banned.

How a Player would receive a forum ban? Edit

In order to receive a forum ban. You either gain 8 warning points in one month (warning points reset after a month) or you have to break a severe rule (such as posting a screamer or posting pornographic content) to get banned.


Pros & Cons of being Forum Banned Edit

One of the cons of being forum banned, is when a banned player goes to any page on the Mineplex website, it has a popup telling said player that they are banned, who banned them, and why. Forum bans are permanent. Furthermore, any alts of accounts with the same IP will be banned for ban evading, you can only create a forum account to appeal.

The only "pro" of being forum banned, is said player can still view the forums, can still use the shop, can still use the support center, and basic enjin features.

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