Forums Edit

The Forums is a place where you can get assistance from a Staff Member, read useful Guides made by the Community, post your Suggestions and Ideas, report players, apply for different Staff Positions, make support Tickets if you have any trouble with Purchases or the Forums and most importantly, talk to others.. You can access the Forums by clicking here.

The forums header

The header for the current Mineplex Forums

Sub-forums Edit

The Forums are organized into separate sub-forums containing many topics to keep the forums organized.

Server Information Edit

  • News and Announcements: Here you can read the latest updates of the Server.
  • Help: Need some assistance and don't know where to find the Information? Post your concern here an get a quick answer.
  • Purchase Issues: Used to solve problems when purchasing Shop Items.
  • Rule Books: Open a page with all the Game, TS, Dubtrack, Forum and Server rules, it also shows the Terms of Service and the Rules Committee Weekly Updates(This part of the rule book may or may not be updated weekly).
  • Update Changelogs: View the latest updated contents

Games Edit

Mineplex Chatter Edit

Events Edit

Idea Hub Edit

Premium Discussion Edit

Bugs and Reports Edit

  • Reports Format: Shows the correct format to be used in Reports
  • Reports: Report a rule breaker in this section. You can either report Forum Offenses or Game Offenses.
  • Bugs and Exploits: If you find a bug, you can report here and the Developer Team will fix it as Soon as Possible.

Applications Edit

Thread Boxes Edit

While browsing on the forums, you can find the "Hot Threads" and "Last Threads". The Hot Threads are post that reach a high amount of replies, once a thread is tagged "Hot", it will always be hot, even when people stop replying on it. And the Last Threads shows a list of 10 threads that got replies recent.

Subscribing Edit

If you click on a Forum Section, and then hit the button "Subscribe", you will be notified whenever someone posts something there. (e.g.: if you subscribe to the Help Section, you would receive a notification when someone post a thread in there).

Unread PostsEdit

On the main Forum page you can find a button called "Unread Posts", it will show you all posts you didn't read.

Signatures Edit

On the Mineplex forums, you can opt into having a signature that will automatically appear below every post you've ever made, unless you choose to disable it for that post. You can make a signature by looking into your Account Settings.

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