Melon (Block)
The icon for the Gadgets submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Used in Main Lobby and Waiting Lobby
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Gadgets are tools which may be found by clicking the melon in the Cosmetic Menu. All gadgets can be used in the lobby and in the game waiting rooms, but some function properly only in the lobby. Gadgets can be bought with Treasure Shards, found in Game Loot, or found in Treasure Chests.

List of Available Gadgets Edit

In-Game Description Special Ability Actual Object Cost Notes

Ethereal PearlEdit

Ender Pearl (grid)
These Pearls are stolen from sleeping Endermen! When a pearl is thrown, you are teleported onto it and travel with it as it is airborne. Once it hits something, purple firework particles are spewed out from the crash location. Sometimes you may glitch under the floor. Ender Pearl 50 Ethereal Pearls for 500 Treasure Shards Related Page: Ethereal Dragon

Bat BlasterEdit

Iron Horse Armor
Unleash waves of terryfing bats at people you don't like! When the Bat Blaster is activated, a swarm of bats are released, going in the direction you are facing. When in the lobby, bats are able to push players around. The Screech sound effect is played. Iron Horse Armor 50 Bat Blaster Ammo for 500 Treasure Shards

Paintball GunEdit

Golden Horse Armor
PEW PEW PEW! Shoot Paintballs (represented as Ender Pearls) at people or on blocks, which results in various brightly-colored different smoke particles accumulating for 3 seconds in the target area, including end particles. Golden Horse Armor 100 Paintball for 500 Treasure Shards Related: Super Paintball

TNT LauncherEdit

Throwing TNT at Mineplex Staff is highly encouraged. When activated, primed TNT is shot from the launcher, exploding in a few seconds. Any players within range will be flung slightly back. TNT 20 TNT for 500 Treasure Shards Related: Skywars, Bomb Lobbers

Melon LauncherEdit

Melon (Block)
Because who doesn't want to shoot watermelons at people?! When activated, a melon block in the form of a dropped block will be shot from the launcher, exploding into several melon slices. To eat the slices, simply walk over them, where the eating sound effect will be played. The Speed II buff will be granted for 3 seconds. Melon Block 100 Melons for 500 Treasure Shards

Flesh HookEdit

Tripwire Hook
Make new friends by throwing a hook into their face and pulling them towards you! When activated, a hook attached to a rope will be thrown in the direction the player is facing, having normal physics applied to it. Should it hit someone, it will pull them towards the player. Tripwire Hook 50 Flesh Hooks for 1000 Treasure Shards Related: Super Smash Mobs


Firework rocket
Need to celebrate? These fireworks should do the trick! When activated, a Firework Rocket will shoot upwards, acting like what a normal rocket would do. The firework is of a random trail, color, size, and shape. Firework Rocket 50 Fireworks for 500 Treasure Shards Fireworks automatically activate in games and in Game Wait Rooms after a game has been completed. Also when someone dies, or when a supply drop is coming in SG.

Party PopperEdit

Golden Carrot
Celebrate by blasting confetti into peoples' eyes! Shoot poppers at people or on blocks, which results in various brightly-colored different wool-breaking particles accumulating and spreading for 1 second in the target area. Golden Carrot Winter Holiday Treasure

Treasure Party BombEdit

It's party time! You'll be everyone's favourite player when you use one of these! When activated, a prismarine block will be shoot out in the direction pointed. The block will begin to continuously throw Treasure Shards around it in a circle for 30 seconds. Prismarine Block 2,000 Treasure Shards for 1 Treasure Party Bomb.


Just a large chunk of coal. Maybe you were naughty or something? When activated, a comical coal-releated message will appear in the chat which will only be visible to the player using the gadget. If the player has 1,000 Coal, they will be able to craft the Coal Fumes Particle Effect, if they have 500 Coal, they can craft the Coal Apparition Pet, and if they have 250 Coal they can craft the Lump of Coal Hat. Coal Winter Holiday Treasure

Freeze CannonEdit

Let someone cool off inside their very own ice cube! When activated, 2 ice blocks will spawn on top of each other temporarily cageing and freezing the targeted player. Ice Block Winter Holiday Treasure


Join in on the festive fun by throwing snow at people! Shoots snowballs. When shot at another player, the targeted player will be flung 2 blocks away. When shot at a block snow particle will appear there for 1 second. Snowball Winter Holiday Treasure

Cupid's ArrowsEdit

This symbol of love will live on with you forever! Mainly because we couldn't attach the cupid wings to it. I guess duct tape can't fix everything! When activated, the player will shoot an arrow which leaves a heart particle trail. If the arrow hits a player, the hit player will recieve 3 seconds of Nausea effect as well as a message stating; [Username] hit you with a love arrow! Maybe they'll bring you a rose!. The message between brackets varies from time to time. The user of the gadget will recieve the following message; You hit [Username] with a love arrow! (I wonder how they are feeling). Bow Valentines Gift

Love PotionEdit

Potion of Regeneration
It doesn't seem to affect humans..? What kind of love potion is this!? Used on Polly the Pink Sheep to gain a chance at obtaining the Loving Sheeples Mount. It is not usable on other players. When activated on Him/herself, the player will recieve 16 seconds of Nausea effect as well as a maessage stating; Gross! Why do I keep drinking this stuff.. Potion of Regeneration Valentines Gift Related Page: Polly the Pink Sheep

Valentines GiftEdit

Maybe if Sigils and Phinary used these they wouldn't be so alone Used on other players to share a random Valentines themed gift. Poppy Flower 3 obtained after winning the first game of Valentine's Vendetta and purchasing them in the Shop See: Valentines Gift

Gadgets in use Edit