Game Amplifiers are items available at the Mineplex Shop. They are used to double the shard loot and increase the gem loot by 10% network wide when playing the amplified game, whilst being active for 60 minutes. Players who amplify a game can be "thanked" by players earning them extra shards.

Usage Edit

Game Amplifiers can be activated only in the Waiting Lobby of a specific game by clicking while holding the gem in the hotbar. You are able to activate them in the Amplifier GUI. Then the player who has amplified the game will be shown as NPC on a special podium where players can click it to thank the player. Both will receive 5 Treasure Shards.

When an amplifier is already active, you can still add one, but then they will be added to an amplifier queue.

When activated in any Arcade minigame they will be used for the whole Arcade section.

List of Shop Packets Edit

Here is a list of the Game Amplifier packets currently purchasable in the Shop:

Picture Amount Price
1 $6.99
3 20.97  $16.99  
5 $34.95  $24.99

Messages Edit

When thanking an active amplifier:

Tip> You thanked <player>. They earned 5 Treasure Shards and you got 5 Treasure Shards in return!

History Edit

July 14, 2016 - Bawk Bawk Battles Update Edit

  • [Changed] The gem loot is increasing by 10% instead of 100% due to EULA changes.
  • [Changed] The prize was adjusted to the boost change.

June 24, 2016 - Amplified Freedom Update Edit

  • [Added] Game Amplifiers were added.

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