The Game Insights team, or more commonly known as GI, reviews and provides valuable information and expertise on new maps, features, and balancing patches for minigames. The team is comprised of both staff and players who have extensive experience in their respective game.

The team is run by Relyh (Quality Assurance administrator) and Artix (first moderator on Mineplex, QA manager).

It was announced publicly on April 1st, 2016.

Purpose Edit

The team is intended to aid in offering highly experienced players the opportunity to advise and direct the Quality Assurance, Build, and Development teams on features and fixes that would be useful to maintain a high quality gamemode.

Team Layout Edit

The team is managed by Relyh and Artix. It is divided into a staff and community portions which have respective roles in their respective games.

Staff Edit

The Game Insights staff team is responsible for:

  • managing non-staff members
  • contributing ideas for new games and;
  • improve current games

Community Edit

The roles and operations of non-staff members of the team:

  • will be granted access to a special area of the forums to discuss ideas and suggestions based on the game that you are recruited for
  • have the privilege to test future updates for their designated game alongside members of the QA team
  • MUST maintain good standings with Mineplex

Current Games Edit

The team currently tests and maintains:

Champions, One in the Quiver, SkyWars, Super Smash Mobs, Ultra Hardcore, Castle Siege, MineStrike, Survival Games and Wizards.

Joining the team/applications Edit

General applicant requirements:

  • must not have any Severity 2 or higher mute in the past two months
  • must not have an unappealed ban in the past two months or;
  • must not have reoccurring Severity 1 mutes in the past two months
  • must not have excessive forum warnings
  • must be in good standings within the community (general toxic behaviour is frowned upon)

Note: You may apply if you have one of the above, however, it will be decided at the GI staff's discretion will make you ineligible to join the team, and having a punishment could greatly affect your applications outcome

Game specific requirements: 

  • Castle Siege: minimum of 500 games played
  • Champions: minimum of 750 games played
  • MineStrike: minimum of 500 games played
  • One In The Quiver: minimum of 1,000 games played
  • SkyWars: minimum of 750 games played
  • Super Smash Mobs: minimum of 1,000 games played
  • Survival Games: minimum of 750 games played

You may find the official thread here


Note: Up to date as of January 3rd, 21:50 PM (GMT).

Bridges Insight:

  • aSLIME
  • Danah
  • Paddi
  • SirHitman
  • Whif (Staff)
  • Zinxman

Castle Siege Insight:

  • Alfi3003 (Staff)
  • CosmoLink
  • HisSkrub (Staff)
  • Vanessa1375 (Staff)

Champion Insight:

  • Ace771 (Staff)
  • Chocobutter
  • Silica (Staff)
  • Trajectories (Staff)
  • Vial (Staff)

Minestrike Insight:

  • Craftmanphilip (Staff)
  • FalconVIII
  • king_marnik
  • Naxyi
  • Trimzon

Super Smash Mobs Insight:

  • Artu (Staff)
  • Cabob
  • GarrettTheFaux (Staff)
  • Hunnids
  • Llen (Staff)
  • Mauo
  • Nqe
  • ShinyRukki (Staff)
  • WebGlitch (Staff)

Survival Game Insight:

  • Awquard (Staff)
  • Bunni (Staff)
  • Fomzy
  • Gamefish32
  • Playr
  • SnitSays
  • umGim
  • CharlieHacks

UHC Insight:

  • Blazespot
  • DeanTM (Staff)
  • Fetch (Staff)
  • Miksuu
  • Oleev

Wizard Insight:

  • Diar (Staff)
  • FireStar891 (Staff)
  • KingOfWizards
  • Smaland47
  • Willmp (Staff)
  • __Drac

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