Game Loot is a term used to describe Cosmetics and Treasure Shards obtained at the end of a minigame on Mineplex.

Game Loot is randomly obtained after playing all games by players who participated in them. It has been stated previously that the chance of getting game loot scales with the length of the game itself and the number of participants involved, but the player's standing or skill in the game does not determine the chance whatsoever. Any amount of players can get loot from a single game.There is no known cap to the amount of loot that can be earned in any amount of time. You can receive chests, rare loot, uncommon and common loot, as stated next.

The requirements to earn game loot are as follows:

  • The player must be present in the server when the game starts.
  • The player must be present after the game ends, for about 5-10 seconds.

Game loot can include most rewards that can be found in a chest. The frequency of each item is unknown. Possible items include: