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Game Modifiers
The icon for the Game Modifiers submenu.
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Function Cosmetic
Used in Games

Game Modifiers are a type of Mineplex cosmetics. They are modifiers, which, when equipped, change the way certain items look in-game.


The Game Modifiers section appears as a torch in the cosmetic menu.

When clicked, it opens up another menu, which lists all the Game Modifier types for different games. Currently, there are two types of Game Modifier

Minestrike Weapon SkinsEdit

Main article: Game Modifiers:Minestrike Weapon Skins

Minestrike Weapon Skins are a type of Game Modifiers, which, when equipped, change the way a certain gun looks in a game of MineStrike. They are represented by a TNT in the Game Modifiers menu. So far, there are 24 different unique skins to collect, with 6 skins being custom while the rest taken from the real Counter-Strike games. They can be found in the Minestrike Chest.

Gem Hunters MountsEdit

Main article: Game Modifiers:Gem Hunters Mount Skins

Gem Hunters Mount Skins are a type of Game Modifiers, which, when equipped, change the way Mounts in Gem Hunters look. Currently, there is only one Gem Hunters modifier.


  • Many players have suggested their own ideas for Game Modifiers. Some include Wizards Wand Skins, Survival Games Horseman horse colors, and many different ideas.
  • They are one of the only cosmetics that you can have multiple equipped of at the same time, along with Balloons

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