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Minigame Type Arcade
Status Available
Teams Solo minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Beta Release Date None
Official Release Date December 11th, 2015
Number of Players ?-16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Iron Sword (grid) Iron Sword
Portal Representation Iron Armor Skeleton
Server Tag GLD-#
Phinary Only one Gladiator can be the victor, [sic] will it be you!?

–Phinary, Leader and Developer, Mineplex homepage

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Gladiators is an Arcade minigame on Mineplex that was released on December 11th, 2015. Gladiators consists of multiple combat rounds in a confined arena, where players are pitted against each other in individual matches; the winner of the match is moved forward a round, with the loser being eliminated for the rest of the game. The sole survivor of all the players is declared the winner.

Gameplay Edit

Mineplex Gladiators 1v1s on Mineplex? New Game!09:17

Mineplex Gladiators 1v1s on Mineplex? New Game!

Admin SamitoD plays Gladiators with the community.

In Gladiators, players, also known as Gladiators, partake in a single-elimination tournament in the yellow Players Team, in which groups of two players fight and attempt to kill each other. During the first round, there are eight such pairs of players, all fighting in separate, confined arenas. When one player in a pair manages to kill the other, the former will be allowed to continue on to the next arena by passing through an entrance that was previously blocked by a wall of fences and being led by a trail of green particles. An obsidian wall appears and blocks the entrance once the player has crossed through.

At the same time, the loser of the pair is eliminated for the rest of the game, with the number of hearts their opponent possessed at the time of defeat shown in the chat. In the new arena, the player fights another opponent, who was the victor of their pair; the winner of this match continues on to another arena in an identical process as the last. If a fight lasts more than 54 seconds in a group, both members receive the Poison debuff. From the beginning to the end of the minigame, there are a total of four rounds. The victor of the final round is the winner of the minigame.

In the first round, Players receive leather armor, a wooden sword, a bow, a fishing rod, and 3 arrows. In the second round, players' armor is upgraded to gold, their sword is upgraded to stone, and they receive 6 arrows. In the third round, players get chainmail, an iron sword, and 9 arrows, and in the final round, players get diamond gear and 12 arrows.

Tournament details
Round Equipment
Name Players Armor Sword Arrows Other
Round of 16 16 Leather Wooden 3
  • Bow
  • Fishing rod
Quarter-finals 8 Gold Stone 5
Semi-finals 4 Chain Iron 7
Finals 2 Iron Diamond 10

Maps Edit

All maps include eight enclosed arenas, with four sets of two identical to each other. Generally, arenas become more hazardous and/or more difficult to navigate as players progress through rounds. The arena in the final round usually includes a centerpiece or stage.

"Cherry Bomb" by Picksoul Edit

"Fierce Desert" by Picksoul Edit

"Autumn Kingdom" by bribbs Edit

"Urban" by Mineplex Edit

"Mythical Forests" by brxxn Edit

"Tribal Battleground" by Blast_ & AxeHam Edit

"Harmony" by Wolfii Edit

"Tropics" by SaltedPineapples Edit

Kits Edit


NPC Abilities Items Armour Requirements Special features
Iron Sword Zombie None None None Free kit Regular statistics
Kit Description: At my signal, unleash hell.[Note 1]

Tips Edit

  • Players can quickly cycle between and use their sword and their fishing rod by pressing 1 and 2 rapidly, or by sliding their mouse wheel down and up. When done correctly, this can create a nearly unbreakable combo on opponents.
  • If a player is not too keen on close combat, or is especially adept at using a bow, lowering the opponent's health with arrows first can give the player a head start in damaging them, provided they keep their distance. Then, the player can charge in with their sword once they run out of arrows.

Rewards Edit

Experience points Edit

Gems Edit

Gem Amount Action
10 Gems Participation Reward
20 Gems 1st Place
15 Gems 2nd Place
10 Gems 3rd Place
10 Gems First Blood
4 Gems One kill

Achievements Edit

Name Requirement Reward
Battle Bred Win 100 games of Gladiators. 1500 Gems
Brawler Kill 3 players utilizing only fists. 1000 Gems
Gladiators Master Achievement Unlock all Gladiators achievements. TBD
Hardened Gladiator Win 50 games of Gladiators. 1000 Gems
Precision Don't miss any arrows in a game; a minimum of three arrows must be fired. 800 Gems
Swift Kill Earn 15 first bloods in Gem rewards. 1000 Gems

Glitches Edit

  • Arrows do not disappear from the player's inventory when used sometimes.
  • An extra arrow is given to the player when fired.

History Edit



January 7th, 2015 - First Patch of 2016 Edit

  • [Added] Implemented a menu in the waiting lobby that allows customization of the hotbar.

December 11th, 2015 - Gladiators Edit

  • [Added] Minigame released.

Notes Edit

  1. A reference to a quote said by Spanish-Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius in the 2000 film Gladiator.

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