Gladiators (Bedrock minigame)
Also known as GLD
Minigame Type Arcade
Status Available
Teams Solo minigame
PvP PvP minigame
Number of Players 8-16
Game/Statistics Menu Icon None
Portal Representation
Server Tag MixedArcade-#

Gladiators (Bedrock Edition), is a minigame which can only be played through the Mixed Arcade NPC.

The game consists of players dueling other players and moving on to their next opponent until 2 players are left. Players who die are eliminated and the winners are moved onto their next opponent. The last two players then duel it out and the one which doesn't die wins. Quite simple really.

The game is bundled in the Mixed Arcade with the games: Bomb Lobbers, One In The Quiver, and Dragon Escape. It is only bundled with these games on the Bedrock server.

The currently active maps for this game are: Edit

  • Mythical Forest PE
  • Urban PE
  • [Insert Other Maps Here]