Halloween Horror (2015 minigame)
Halloween Horror
The official logo for Halloween Horror.
Also known as Halloween Horror
Minigame Type Holiday
Status Available
Teams Unknown
PvP Unknown
Official Release Date October 9th, 2015
Number of Players Unknown
Game/Statistics Menu Icon None
Portal Representation Wither Skeleton with pumpkin head
Server Tag Unknown

Halloween Horror is a Holiday minigame on Mineplex that was playable from October 9th to November 8, 2015. Halloween Horror was an updated version of its 2013 and 2014 counterparts, released for the 2015 holiday season, and features many similarities.

In Halloween Horror, players must team up with each other in order to repel waves of enemies, and defeat the Pumpkin King.

Summary Edit

Waves Edit

Wave 1 Edit

  • Chat Description - Skeletons? Farmers? FARMER SKELETONS!!!
  • Enemies - Skeletons[Note 1]

Wave 2 Edit

  • Chat Description - Giant Zombie is here to smash your brains!
  • Enemies - 1 Giant, Zombies, and Creepers

Note: Giants could kill players in one hit, as well as smash through blocks.

Wave 3 Edit

  • Chat Description - Spiders, Spiders and even more Spiders!
  • Enemies - Spiders and Leaping Spiders[Note 2]

Note: Leaping spiders are cave spiders that jump really high.

Wave 4 Edit

  • Chat Description - Look up! Its the Ghasts and Ghouls [here to kill you]!
  • Enemies - Ghasts and Zombie Pigmen

Note: Zombie Pigmen had a permanent Speed Buff of some sort.

Wave 5 Edit

  • Chat Description - Double the giants! Double the fun [I always say]!
  • Enemies - 2 Giants, Zombies, and Creepers

Wave 6 Edit

  • Chat Description - The final battle! The Pumpkin King! [Oh, you're sure to die now!]
  • Enemies - Pumpkin King, Zombies, Creepers, Giants
  • Notes - Unlike the other waves, Zombies, Creepers, and Giants will spawn constantly until all of the Pumpkin Minions are dead.

Wave 7 Edit

  • Chat Description - Celebration!

The Pumpkin King Edit

The Pumpkin King appeared as a Wither Skeleton wearing a Pumpkin, with an iron axe in his hand. When he first appeared in Wave 6, he would have his Flame Shield on, in the form of a ring of Blazes above him. Also, he would have his minions (floating pumpkin heads) surround him with bows. It was impossible to do damage to him or the minions at this time. Occasionally, the minions would shoot a bunch of arrows that could do damage to players.

To actually damage the Pumpkin King, players first had to disable his Flame Shield by shooting at the Blazes. This could be more easily done with Robin Hood's Barrage (Finn's snowballs had no effect on the flame shield). In this stage, the Pumpkin King fired barrages of arrows at the players.

Once the Flame Shield was destroyed, players would have a limited time to kill all of the Pumpkin King's minions, which dispersed and rushed at all players. They were strong, were invulnerable to arrows, and could kill players in a few hits. If the players failed to kill all of the minions in time, the Pumpkin King's Flame Shield would regenerate, forcing the players to disable it again.

However, if the players did manage to kill all of the minions, the Pumpkin King would start to attack players, making him vulnerable in turn. However, he was lethal at close range, being able to kill players with four hits. In addition, he was able to throw TNT, and destroyed all blocks within a small radius, causing massive player and landscape damage.

Dialogue Edit

  • When he arrives - "I am the Pumpkin King, and you will all die!"
  • When his Flame Shield regenerates - "Ha! I'm invulnerable now!"
  • When his Flame Shield is destroyed - "Go, my minions! Attack!"
  • When his minions are killed - "Foolish minions! I will deal with you myself!"
  • At half health - "Stop running so I can kill you!"
  • If players all die/lose - "Muahahaha! Foolish mortals! Halloween is mine!"
  • If he dies - "NOOO! You haven't seen the last of me!"

Kits Edit

Tips Edit

Rewards Edit

Players who participated in a victory were awarded with the Decrepit Warhorse mount.

Gems Edit

Gems Reason
10 Participation
30? Killing the Pumpkin King

Experience Edit

See also: Mineplex_Level#Mineplex_Level
Experience Reason

Notes Edit

  • Unlike previous Halloween Horror minigames, the time did not turn to day when the Pumpkin King was defeated.
  • Zombies, Giants and Spiders became faster the longer that they have been alive, and would eventually outrun the player if not killed.

Glitches Edit

Current Edit

Patched Edit

History Edit

Main article: History

October 9th, 2015 - Halloween Edit

  • [Added] Minigame released.

November 8th, 2015 - Halloween Edit

  • [Added] Minigame removed.

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