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General Edit

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Getting HelpEdit

There are multiple support options on Mineplex depending on the nature of your issue. If you're having issues with a recent purchase on Mineplex's shop, contact the support team here, to report a bug you found click here, to report a player breaking our rules create a thread under the reports section make sure you're following the format when reporting a player. For any other issues or if you're not sure where to go, feel free to create a thread in our help section where a community member or staff will be more than happy to assist you! More information on the help section can be found here.

Official Events

Mineplex regularly hosts official Community events, listed below are just a few of these events:

Event Time Content
Karaoke Hosted at 6 pm BST every Saturday and 4 pm BST every Sunday. Anyone can come join the discord event Lounge and sing!
MPS Mayhem All Day! Anyone can join the official events MPS and play their event.

Check the Events Calendar for more information on these and more events.

Appealing a Punishment:Edit

If you think you were punished unfairly, or would like to appeal your punishment, click here.

If you got banned by GWEN unfairly please post a thread explaining what happened here. You know you were banned by GWEN when [GWEN Cheat Detection] is written on the ban message.

If you think your account was compromised which resulted in your punishment, read this guide.

If you cannot submit an appeal for some reason, click here.

How do I report someone breaking the rules?Edit

You can post a thread in the report section of the forums. You can read Mineplex's Reports Format, and read our official reporting guide here.

If you have any questions/concerns you can contact a Forum Ninja or a Forum Moderator here. (see contacting staff section for details).

If you are a Titan or Eternal, you have access to 2 more commands:

/report <name> <description of the offense> - Allows you to report a rule breaker in game (NB: this command is very inefficient in terms of reporting hackers and exploiters, but it works well for chat offenders).

/chatsnap - Allows you to save the chat logs in your game to report later someone on the forums. It will give you a token that you must include in your report under the 'evidence' category to get them punished. (NB: Titans+ Are not allowed to report a chat offender using a screenshot, they can do it only with /chatsnap. If the chatsnap feature breaks, you are allowed to report with screenshot as long as you specify in your report that it is broken).

How do I contact a staff member in game? Edit

There a multiple ways to do so. You can:

  • Go to Lobby-1 as there usually is at least one staff member here.
  • Use /a <message> if there is a staff member in your lobby.
  • Join the staffrequest community: Do /com staffrequest and shift-left click the redstone block to request to join. Once you are accepted, do /com chat staffrequest and write ! <message> in chat (to report a hacker, write ! offender name, offense, server (/server to know your server).
  • Send a staff member a private message using /tell <name> <message>.
  • Use the staffrequest features of some (unofficial) Mineplex discord servers.

Staff Edit

Staff Ranks | Current Staff | Becoming a Trainee | Becoming a Builder |

Becoming a Youtuber:Edit

Updated requirements for YT can be found in this thread. Once you are ready, you can apply here!

~ Good Luck! :D

What are Member Teams and how do I join one?Edit

Member teams are teams open for anyone in the community to join, requirements for each team vary, however; none require you to be staff. Currently, the only member team accepting applications are: the Translations Team, Mineplex Ideas Project, Game Insights team and the Event Assistance team.

Team About Apply Open
Translations team is led by: Shinyrukii

Translate Mineplex Content into your language to make the bedrock platform understandable by anyone. Read more here

21/05/2018: Translations team is recruiting the following languages: Croatian, Romanian, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese, Italian.

Apply Yes
Event Assistance
Event Assistance Tag
Event Assistance team is led by: Shinyrukii.

Currently recruiting EU / AU players.

Apply Yes
Game Insights
Game Insights
Game Insights team is led by: Artix & Relyh

Game Insights is a team of selected Moderators and Community members coming together to discuss and analyze their specific assigned games, ensuring that there are no bugs, and that they run smoothly. These members will come up with ideas that we can add to the games, and will test them to make sure that it meets our high game quality standards. read more

Apply No
Media Team Tag
The Artist team is led by Strutt20.

This includes, but is not limited to, animation, 3D modeling, textures and 2D illustration art. These players were recruited through a job interview-esque process.

N/A Yes - Invite only
Ideas Project Led by Nuclear_Poptart, EmmaLie, harvvey, Khartier, Hylore & xVanessa. The ideas project was established in order to discuss the community's ideas with both community members, staff members and leadership team members. Their job is to regroup all the ideas suggested by players, discuss them and see if they would function well or no Apply Yes
CoA The Community Assistance team as been discontinued (read why here), and replaced with a similar program (see above) N/A No

You can read more about all our staff and member teams here.


What is a DEV? & How to become a DEV?Edit

Main Article: Developer

Devs (or developers) of Mineplex are the people who make the plugins to make Mineplex what it is. The plugins that they will make are made in Java a programming language that Minecraft is made using. There are three different types of developers on Mineplex, those being Plugin Developer, Minigame Developers, and Backend Developers.

Developer is one of the few Staff ranks where you get paid for your work, Plugin Developer, Minigames Developer and Backend Developer the 3 main "types" of developers you can become You can read more on detailed requirements on each position here. They will have the DEV (in-game) rank, such as this developer:


How do I message staff?Edit

You can see a list of current staff here, select the staff member you'd like to contact and DM them directly.

New Trainee

What's a Trainee?Edit

Main Article: Trainee

Trainee is the first rank in our staff team. Trainees are, as the name suggests, training to become a Moderator through the undergoing of a 2 month trial. During this trial, Trainees work with their assigned mentor and learn about the responsibilities of a Moderator. The overall job of our staff members is to ensure that Mineplex’s players have the best experience possible. Read More

Detailed Guide on applying for Trainee.

What are Staff Teams?Edit

Staff often specialize into teams and sub-teams, each with their own role and responsibilities within the Mineplex network.

Builder Teams: Trainee+ Teams: Moderator+ Teams: Senior Moderator Teams:
Paper Builders TeamSpeak (TSS) Moderator Coordination Assistance Mod Coordination
Applications Music-Sharing Management Community Assistance (Disbanded) Community Management
Map Issues Quality Assurance Testing Forums Moderator Forum Ninja
Map Submissions Media Team Streams Quality Assurance
General Builds Reports Patrol Clans Management Assist Clans Management 
Quality Assurance Testing Events Assistance (Community) Newsletter Program Social Media
Trainee Mentoring Assistance Trainee Management
Reports Patrol Assistance Social Media Support
Rules Committee Support
Karaoke Host
Events Assistance (Staff)
Read more here Read more here Read more here Read more here

Detailed descriptions of each team can be viewed here.

What's a C.Mod?Edit

A C.Mod is a Clans Moderator, handling all matters relating to Champions game and Clans, including Quality Assurance, gameplay testing, map development, in-game and forums moderation, and rule enforcement. Unlike the other teams, these users have a tag that reads C.MOD in gold while in-game.


Do Owners even come online?Edit

Rarely, that is what makes meeting one so special! Owners are very busy doing "beside the scenes" work that keeps Mineplex up and running.


What does a Leader do?Edit

The Leadership Team of Mineplex develops new content, manages the network's staff and servers, and keep the server running; they maintain the basic necessities of Mineplex. With it comes the rank of LEADER (ingame) and Leadership Team (on the forums).

Forums Edit

Getting Started | Community Hosted: Giveaways/Events | Sending Feedback | Reporting Bugs | Reporting GWEN related bugs/issues

Submitting an idea!Edit

Submit a new game idea here

Submit a new kit idea here

Submit any other ideas here

Once your idea is ready, you can submit a finalized idea here for review by the Quality Assurance team. Make sure this is detailed and well written, we recommend posting your idea under Game, Kit or Random idea discussions first to get feedback from the community and improve.


Discord Logo

From May the 2nd, 2018, the Mineplex teamspeak no longer exists and has been replaced by the Mineplex Discord.

The Mineplex Discord can be found at

Getting started Edit

When you arrive in the discord, read the rules in #read-me. Once you finish, type !agree in #confirmation in order to get access to the discord.

If you need assistance, you can tag any moderator as they all are discord staff (Reminder: do not tag Admins or Developers!). If you ever see someone breaking the rules, tagging @Moderator-On-Duty will notify a staff member.

Use Edit

On the discord you can vote in #polls for server related polls (such as the next game that will be featured in the classics area). You are also able to talk (through chat or voice chat) with others, attend events, share artwork / screenshots / pet photos or even discuss ideas for both platforms (Java & Bedrock). Edit

Getting Started | Connecting to | What is | Contacting staff | What is Resident DJ? | How to become a Resident DJ? | Plug.DJ staff ranks | Rules


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