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The section below lists the entirety of Mineplex's history in the year 2016.

Contents: 2016

2016 Edit

December 28, 2016 - Double XP and Gems! Edit

  • [Added] New Years Event - Doubled Experience and Gem Loot for a week

December 23, 2016 - Introducing Communities Edit

December 20, 2016 - Dragon Escape on Pocket Edition Edit

December 15, 2016 - Titles! Edit

  • [Added] 13 new Titles, main system added

December 13, 2016 - Merry Mayhem! Edit

December 2, 2016 - Winter is here! Edit

December Map Update Edit

Maps addedEdit
Minigame Map(s)
Block Hunt Treasure Cavern
Skywars Woodview
Elven Land
Jungle Temple
Gandum Fort
Snake Crystal
Bacon Brawl Polar
Turf Wars Elemental Collision
Super Spleef Mini Primal
Dragons Hollow Rock
Bomb Lobbers Palm Beach
Micro Battles Test Chamber
La Selva
Castle Reef
Bugfixed MapsEdit
Minigame Map(s) Changes
Death Tag Pirates Harbor Random Lapis Blocks
Enclosed Library Fixed camping spot with only one entrance
Super Smash Mobs Mining Camp Covered door on house
Apache Removed last bit of water
Hyrule Castle Filled tower with Barrier Blocks
Capture the Flag Oakvale Patched 2 deep block hole
Warring Jungles Water caused death by void
One in the Quiver Archmouth Dam Fixed missing Barrier Blocks
Dominate (2014 minigame)
Team Deathmatch
Old Village Fixed Barrier Exploit
Gulley Removed hole trapping players

General Edit

November 24, 2016 - UHC Update Edit

November 17, 2016 - Everything! Edit

Games Edit

Minigames made limited (only available in MPS and Mixed Arcade)Edit

Sneaky Assassins
Super Spleef
Wither Assault

Games removedEdit

One in the Quiver: Payload
Mineplex Competitive League

November 15, 2016 - PE Carl the Creeper! Edit

PE Edit

November 8, 2016 - PE Bomb Lobbers! Edit

November 3, 2016 - November Map Update + Sky Fall Update Edit

November Map Update Edit

Maps addedEdit

Minigame Map(s)
Gladiators Alberwood Creek
Mythical Forests
Death Tag Mayan Ruins
Domination and Team Deathmatch Forest
Western Canyon
Skywars Pavilion
Block Hunt Desert Village
Bridges Autumn Kingdom
Micro Battles Fall
Turf Wars Loading Dock
Wizards Kalamet
Snake Candy Land

Maps removedEdit

Minigame Map(s) Reason
Super Smash Mobs Alien Escape Lag issues
Domination Industrial Grove Requested by Game Insights


  • [Added] Minigame Skyfall Teams released.
  • [Removed] Lightweight achievement bug
  • [Removed] Compass duplication bug
  • [Removed] Permanent red screen bug
  • [Changed] Optimized ring cooldown
  • [Changed] Increased bow and arrow spawn rate
  • [Changed] Supply drop set to 5 minutes
  • [Changed] Halved chest refill time
  • [Changed] Supply drop now has diamond loot
  • [Changed] Increased weapons in loot
  • [Changed] Upgrade perks are now registered from the game

General ChangelogEdit

  • [Added] Halloween items now are obtainable in Omega Chests
  • [Removed] Halloween features
  • [Changed] Arrows are now removed correctly when using Barrage
  • [Removed] Halloween features
  • [Removed] Lingering horses in Survival Games
  • [Added] Omega Chests now will give Discs

Trick or Treat Chest! - Oct 28, 2016Edit

  • [Added] Trick or Treat Chest
    • A limited-time chest
    • Costs 20k shards
    • You get to open 4 of the 8 chests without duplicates
    • Loot:
      • Rare 1-4 Ancient Chests
      • Rare 2-4 Old Chests
      • Rare Game Amplifier
      • Rare 1-2 20 Minute Amplifier (Clans)
      • 1 Wear/Place Banner
      • Any previous Halloween Cosmetics (Legendary find)
      • Legendary 1-2 Mythical Chests
      • Legendary 1 Illuminated Chest
      • Mythical Rank Upgrade

SSM Update! - Oct 27, 2016Edit

Super Smash Mobs Edit

  • [Added] Guardian Kit

Info needed here

PE Crates and Cosmetics! - Oct 26, 2016Edit

Pocket EditionEdit

  • [Added] PE Crates
    • Noble Crate - PE Equivalent of Ancient Chests
      • Open 4 Chests for chances on Gadgets, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Cosmetics.
    • Royal Crate - PE Eqivalent of Mythical Chests
      • Open 4 Chests for better chances on Gadgets, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary Cosmetics.
    • Imperial Crate - PE Eqivalent of Illuminated Chests
      • Open 1 Chest for a chance on any cosmetic except gadgets which you do not already own.
  • [Added] /cosmetics command
    • opens up the cosmetic menu
  • [Added] “Particle Quality” preference
  • [Added] You now earn Treasure Shards along with Gems for playing.
  • [Changed] Knight Rank
    • Knight Rank users now earn 50% more shards for every game.
    • Knight Rank users now receive 1 Royal Crate every month.

Pumpkin’s Revenge - Oct 13, 2016Edit

  • [Added] Pumpkin’s Revenge
    • New Halloween game
    • Objective: Defeat the Pumpkin Prince after defending the Crypt for 5 waves of mobs.
  • [Changed] Master Builders and Draw My Thing have been given a spooky rework.
    • Words/themes changed to a Halloween-theme

PE Mob Arena Release - Oct 11, 2016Edit

Spooky Update - Oct 10, 2016Edit

October Map UpdateEdit

  • [Added] 14 New Maps
    • Old Village - Champions TDM & DOM
    • Enclosed Library - Death Tag
    • Shiro - Death Tag
    • Garrison - Skywars
    • Serenity - Skywars
    • Watchtower - Skywars
    • Industrial - Turfwars
    • Forgotten Haven - Turf Wars
    • Boneyard - Sheep Quest
    • Tundra - Runner
    • Deadly Ruins - Dragons
    • Cobblestone - Minestrike
    • Tropics - Gladiators
    • Under the Sea - Snake
    • Mining Camp - Bridges
  • [Removed] 2 Maps
    • The Library - Master Builders
    • Jungle Ruins - Champions TDM & DOM


  • [Changed] Main Lobby changed into a Halloween theme.
  • [Added] Haunted Chest
    • A limited-time chest
    • Costs 35k shards
    • Works like the Freedom Chest - there are 7 cosmetics to collect.
    • You get to open 1 of the 8 chests without duplicates
    • Loot:
      • Grim Reaper Morph
      • Nightmare Steed Morph
      • Baby Zombie Pet
      • Trick-o-Leap
      • Halloween Arrows
      • Return of the Pumpkin Win Effect
      • Pumpkin Hat
  • [Added] Flaming Pumpkins

Game Lobbies / Report - Sep 29, 2016Edit

  • [Changed] Game Lobbies
    • Changed the Game Lobbies in some selected games to newer, improved versions
    • each game has a custom-themed Game Lobby
  • [Added] /report command
    • In testing phase for Titans and above

Skyfall - Sep 22, 2016Edit

  • [Added] Skyfall
    • New 1.9 game
    • 16 players

PE Survival Games Release - Sep 20, 2016Edit

Info needed here

One in the Quiver Payload - Sep 8, 2016Edit

Power Play Club - Sep 2, 2016Edit

  • [Added] Power Play Club
    • Monthly subscription service
    • Receives (per month):
      • 1 Omega Chest
      • 2 Game Amplifiers
      • 1 Custom Cosmetic (Squid Morph in September)
      • Custom colored forum post background
  • [Added] Omega Chest
    • New chest type
    • Works like the Illuminated Chest - open 1 of the 8 chests and get something you do not have, but with a twist - cosmetics from past holiday chests and events are also available.

Content missing, feel free to add more information here!Edit

May 6, 2016 - May Map Update Edit

Maps Edit

Minigame Map(s) added
Bacon Brawl Spider Cave
Bomb Lobbers Oriental
Dragon Escape Time Travel
Dragons Sky Docks
Dragon's Eggs
Evolution (2015) Tropics
Master Builders Radian Citadel
The Palace
One in the Quiver Dust Bowl
Runner Volcanic Fire
Sheep Quest Deadly Wasteland
Snake Tasty Meal
Super Smash Mobs Remote Islands
Turf Wars Villa

MC League Edit

April 4, 2016 - Clans Beta! Edit

Clans Edit

  • [Changed] Currently in Beta. Open to all players.
  • [Added] Added Siege Towers and TNT Cannons.
  • [Changed] New map with increased size.
  • [Added] Added new custom weapons.
  • [Fixed] Performance and bug fixes.
  • [Added] Added tutorial.

March 2, 2016 - Mineplex and 1.9 Edit

  • [Added] Minecraft 1.9 support implemented. Minigames featuring the version's combat system are in development.

February 25, 2016 - DMT Update Edit

General Edit

  • [Removed] Valentine's Day event removed.

Draw My Thing Edit

  • [Changed] New color palette.
  • [Changed] All players now receive all tools available. Some were only previously available in different kits.
  • [Added] Spray can tool added.
  • [Added] Added Desert, Forest, and Taiga maps.
  • [Added] New words added.
  • [Added] Custom resource pack added.

February 11, 2016 - Love is in the Air Edit

General Edit

Valentine's Day Edit

Speed Builders Edit

  • [Fixed] Various bug fixes.
  • [Added] Players can now double jump to get back up on builds.
  • [Added] More than 150 builds designed by the community added.

February 4, 2016 - Trainee Apps Update Edit

January 29, 2016 - Gwen is Here! Edit

General Edit

  • [Added] Carl the Creeper Facebook reward added.
  • [Changed] Hovering over a rank in chat will now display a description of it.
  • [Changed] Player skins in Friends menu readded.
  • [Removed] Staff are now unable to /disguise as banned or muted players.
  • [Fixed] Fixed /giveitem not working for offline players.
  • [Changed] Muted players are now unable to write on signs.
  • [Fixed] Fixed spelling typos across the server.
  • [Fixed] Players are now unable to bypass mutes under certain conditions.
  • [Fixed] Hats are no longer lost when equipping other Cosmetics.
  • [Added] Players can now use the RMB on another player or monster with the Tracking Compass while spectating to view their perspective. The LMB is for switching between players, while ⇧ Shift is for exiting.

Minigames Edit

Clans Edit

  • [Changed] Currently in version Alpha 0.19.
  • [Added] Added Clans Moderator tag (C. Mod) for Clans Management members.
  • [Fixed] Fixed multiple legendary item duplication bugs, as well as another rare duplication bug.
  • [Changed] Sapling placement is now much more restricted.
  • [Fixed] Performance improvements.
  • [Fixed] Fixed dispensers being able to use flint and steel, bonemeal, and other items.
  • [Fixed] Fixed the chat filter not working while not in a clan.
  • [Fixed] Fixed /chatslow not functioning.

Lobby Edit

Arcade Edit

  • [Added] Hovering over a player name now displays statistics for that player.
  • [Fixed] Fixed bug where players with the YT rank were able to use /disguise.

January 7th, 2016 - First Patch of 2016 Edit

Winter Update Edit

Gladiators Edit

  • [Added] Implemented a menu in the waiting lobby that allows customization of the hotbar.

Turf Wars Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed ladders disappearing when a wool is placed nearby.
  • [Fixed] Exploitation that allows access to enemy turf when sneaking near the corners / edges.
  • [Fixed] Knockback failed to apply to a second player if only two players are in the game.
  • [Changed] Borders are fixed to prevent players from leaving the map.

Super Smash Mobs Edit

  • [Changed] The damage of the Squid kit's Ink Shotgun has been lowered.

General Changes Edit

  • [Fixed] The disguise command is now able to operate when moving between servers.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a bug that causes duplicates to sometimes not award shards for the player.
  • [Fixed] Users with the YT rank were unable to properly execute the forcefield preference.
  • [Fixed] Team statistics appeared empty when viewing it using /stats.
  • [Fixed] Fixed not being able to join a game through portals.
  • [Changed] Carl the Creeper now responds with "Come back next month for more!" when claiming the monthly bonus.

Clans Alpha 0.18 Edit

  • [Added] Clans Banning System has been added to assist Clans Management with offenders.
  • [Added] A server-wide announcement in the respective Clans server will be made when a player picks up a legendary item.
  • [Changed] Clans and Ally chat now operates through the Mineplex filter system.
  • [Fixed] Gold duplication exploit has been fixed.
  • [Fixed] Minor exploits for skills are patched.
  • [Fixed] Some Clans server experienced non-stop rain.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a bug causing Clans servers to not show up in the server select menu.