The section below lists the entirety of Mineplex's history in the year 2017.

Contents: 2017

2017 Edit

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July 15, 2017 - Heroes of Gwen Release! Edit

Heroes of Gwen Edit

  • [Added] Training Lobby
  • [Added] Achievements added
  • [Added] Added Hero Unlock System - Level each class to unlock new Heroes in that class!
  • [Changed] Towers have been moved to fully block the lane with their range.
  • [Changed] Friendly towers now heal players in range over time.
  • [Changed] Reduced the cost of Diamond Armor so Warriors can actually buy it in the shorter game time.
  • [Changed] Power Potions now affect Mage Auto Attacks.
  • [Changed] Larissa no longer deals Knockback on her Auto Attacks.
  • [Changed] Larissa Auto Attack damage reduced by 1 (Heart).
  • [Changed] Better attempt to clear skins on game end.
  • [Fixed] Purchasing Consumables no longer fully heals you mid-game.
  • [Fixed] Purchasing Consumables no longer purchases all previous consumables.
  • [Miscellaneous] HoG added to MPS.

General Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed a number of Missions not working.
  • [Removed] Removed Ability to gain Mission Progress on MPS.

July 1, 2017 - Freedom Fighter Event! Edit

Additions Edit

Changes Edit

  • [Changed] The cosmetic menu has been changed
  • [Changed] Legendary Aura Particle has been completely revamped.
  • [Fixed] Eternal taunt no longer overrides pre-existing disguises.
  • [Changed] Lag from Molten Snake has been reduced.
  • [Changed] Reduced coal particles.
  • [Fixed] Taunts now handle cool downs correctly.
  • [Changed] SmashTraining now has eternal taunt disabled.
  • [Changed] Removed green from candy cane cosmetics.
  • [Fixed] Costume count in cosmetic menu is accurate.

June 29, 2017 - Death Run [Sic] Maps & HoG Beta Update! Edit

Maps Added Edit

Minigame Map(s)
Death Tag Boscage
Cave Dwelling
Planet RA-16
Waste Land

Maps Removed Edit

Minigame Map(s) Reason
Block Hunt Mirkwood Community Feedback
Death Tag Mayan Ruins
Enclosed Library
Community Feedback
Community Feedback
Micro Battles Land of Time
Castle Reef
Below Standards
Below Standards
Below Standards

Map Fixes Edit


Heroes of Gwen Edit

  • [Added] Victory or Death
  • [Added] Go Back NPC for Hero selection
  • [Removed] The ""Ultimate Recharged" hotbar message that was sent after an ultimate was over
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where consumables wouldn't reset properly when purchasing multiple.
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where Rowena's Light Arrows could damage towers from outside the range.
  • [Changed] Hunter Leather Armour is now colored based on type.
  • [Changed] Reduced Damage on Biff's Cavalry Charge to 2 (HeartHeart) Hearts.
  • [Changed] Increased the Range of Dana's Healing Aura by 2.
  • [Changed] Increased the Damage of Dana's Rally by 1 (Heart) Heart.
  • [Changed] Increased the Damage of Dana's Knockup by 1 (Heart) Heart.
  • [Changed] Increased the Health of Bardolf's Wolves by 1 (Heart) Heart.
  • [Changed] Reduced the Attack Damage of Bardolf's Wolves by 1 (Heart) Heart.

June 23, 2017 - Heroes of Gwen Beta Update Edit

Heroes of Gwen Edit

Changes Edit
  • [Changed] Reduced Assassin Diamond Sword from Sharpness 3 to Sharpness 2
  • [Added] Added a cooldown to Mages ranged basic attacks
  • [Changed] Reduced/Removed Particles at Rowena's feet during her Bombardment
  • [Added] Added a 1.5 second cooldown to Hattori's Snowball attack
  • [Changed] Reduced damage multiplier on Devon's TNT Infusion

June 22, 2017 - Micro Battles Map Update! Edit

Maps Added Edit

Minigame Map(s)
Micro Battles Chaparral Obelisk
Lost Atlantis
Shore Lost
Witch's Forest

Maps Removed Edit

Minigame Map(s) Reason
Skywars Amber Overwhelming negative response. Multiple gameplay issues not noted in testing.
One in the Quiver Archmouth Dam
Map too large for gametype
Map too large for gametype

Maps Fixed Edit

  • Torcanto Village - Skywars - Made caves bigger/easier to get out of
  • Fractal - Skywars - Removed cobblestone walls from the front of the spawn islands
  • Nefud Desert - Skywars - Removed the leaves from the front of spawn islands
  • Sonic Hills - Super Paintball - Spectators got stuck in the air

June 17, 2017 - Clans Season 3 Edit

Clans Edit

Additions Edit
  • [Added] Casual and Hardcore Servers
  • [Added] Charles Witherton Raid
  • [Added] Scythe of the Fallen Lord
  • [Added] Mounts
  • [Added] Builder Boxes
  • [Added] Dye Boxes
Changes and Fixes Edit
  • [Changed] Increased the sell value of crops to encourage Clans that want to prosper through farming.
  • [Changed] Removed the Y value restrictions on growing crops.
  • [Fixed] Fixed map exploits for Iron Wizard and Skeleton King Boss Fights.
  • [Changed] Boss Fights are now only entered via teleporter and cannot be left until you die or defeat the boss.
  • [Changed] All mobs in the Nether have had new items and weapons added to their loot tables.
  • [Changed] All weapon and armor durability have been made uniform at 900.
  • [Fixed] Fixed exploit that allowed Clans to have too many allies.
  • [Changed] Insert an explanation of the update here.
  • [Changed] Outposts now use Clan Banners.
  • [Fixed] String can no longer be placed over water sources in enemy territories.
  • [Fixed] Player/Skeleton heads can no longer be placed in enemy territories.
  • [Fixed] Players can no longer claim land in the Nether.
  • [Fixed] Players can no longer break obsidian in the Nether.
  • [Changed] TNT Generators will continue to function if the player who purchased it leaves the Clan for which they purchased the generator.

June 15, 2017 - Heroes of Gwen Beta Edit

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March 30, 2017 - The Great Bug Fixening Edit

General Edit

  • [Fixed] Prevent internal commands from giving players redstone/emerald blocks during games

Evolution Edit

  • [Fixed] Fix creeper spectate window getting stuck when leaving the server

Weekend Brawl Edit

  • [Fixed] Prevent players from using champions skills before the PvP timer ends in Champions Gladiators

Turf Wars Edit

  • [Fixed] Prevent players from placing wool on top of stairs and slabs

Survival Games Edit

  • [Fixed] Make crafted fishing rods unbreakable

Micro Battle Edit

  • [Fixed] Allow lava to crumble

Lobby Edit

  • [Fixed] Fix player chat preference so it works in main lobbies as well.
  • [Fixed] Disallow players from riding mounts into active chest-opening areas.
  • [Fixed] Prevent slime mount from chasing iron golems.
  • [Fixed] Fix game descriptions for CTF, SSM Brawl, UHC.
  • [Fixed] Fix skill descriptions for Roped Arrow, Minestrike P250, Blink.
  • [Fixed] Hide the chicken spawned by the dragon mount.
  • [Fixed] Prevent hotbar editor (name tag) item from being applied to horses.
  • [Fixed] Remove depth strider boots when disabling the squid morph.
  • [Fixed] Re-equip enabled cosmetic suits when disabling morphs.
  • [Fixed] Fix achievement description for Champion of Champions (CTF).
  • [Fixed] Stop Pumpkin King bombs from kicking players when clicked.
  • [Fixed] Remove Pumpkin King bombs if the activating player is kicked.

March 16, 2017 - St Patrick's Chest! Edit

March 15, 2017 - Gem Hunters Update! Edit

Gem Hunters Edit

  • [Added] Player Status System with the following Statuses: Safe, Danger, Combat (timed), Cold, Warm
  • [Added] World Events, starting with: Zombie Awakening, Gwen Mart, and Hurricane
  • [Added] 10+ Quests
  • [Added] /getmap and /cashoutitem commands for players who somehow lose their map or Cash Out item
  • [Changed] Rewrote Combat log NPCs to fix Armor Stands appearing all over
  • [Changed] Container interaction (hoppers, droppers, and dispensers) has been disabled.
  • [Changed] Increased Chance of Legendary Chests to spawn back to original values
  • [Fixed] Fixed Combat Logging resetting Gems and Inventory Slots
  • [Fixed] Fixed players being able to cancel other players Cashing Out in Safe Zones

March 14, 2017 - PE Skyfall! Edit

Mineplex Pocket Edition Edit

March 10, 2017 - Double XP and Open Beta Edit

Gem Hunters Edit

  • [Miscellaneous] Released to Open Beta.

Carl the Creeper Edit

  • [Added] Re-introduce voting for Mineplex US/EU.
  • [Added] Introduce a new voting option for Mineplex Clans. Talk to Carter the Creeper on ClansHubs for more info.
  • [Added] Add rewards for watching our featured YouTube creators.

General Edit

  • [Miscellaneous] Double XP Event started. Ended at the end of the weekend.
  • [Fixed] Fix compasses in Micro Battles and some other games.
  • [Fixed] Fix breaking blocks using armor items in Micro Battles and some other games.
  • [Fixed] Fix armor item not appearing after revival in Super Paintball.

March 8, 2017 - PE Friends! Edit

Mineplex Pocket Edition Edit

March 5, 2017 - Developer Update (3/5) Edit

Gem Hunters Edit

  • [Changed] Update Gem Hunters drops.
  • [Changed] Increased rarity on Diamond items.
  • [Changed] Added durability rolls to all items.
  • [Changed] Modified prices and availability of Diamonds and Diamond items in shops.
  • [Changed] Added additional rare item spawn locations (To prevent using routes to exploit).

Mineplex Pocket Edition Edit

  • [Changed] Update translations.
  • [Changed] Added Trainee application link to Carl.
  • [Fixed] Deployed a hotfix for some chat related issues.
  • [Fixed] Deployed a hotfix for some hotbar items not being visible.
  • [Added] Added Beta support.

March 4, 2017 - March Map Update Edit

Maps Added Edit

Minigame Map(s)
Super Paintball Miraculous Jaws
Autumn Creeks
Mushroom Swamp
Super Smash Mobs Biome Friendly
Micro Battle Agora
Towers 9999
Super Spleef Tao
Mushroom Cottage
Master Builders Radioactive
SkyWars Amber
One in the Quiver Scorched
Wizards Haven
Snake Settlement
Champions Dominate
& Team Deathmatch

Maps Removed Edit

Minigame Map(s) Reason
SkyWars Mineplex National Park Noticeable Lag, not properly
tested, many requested removal.

Maps Bugfixed Edit

  • Inferno - Minestrike - Various Fixes from Map Submitter
  • Train - Minestrike - Various Fixes from Map Submitter
  • Fall - Micro Battles - Trees are a bit smaller
  • Champions Lobby - Lobby - Players could get suck in a two block hole in a bush
  • Pirate Island - Block Hunt - Random air pockets in the water fixed
  • Oriental Kingdom - Bridges - Map raised by 1 block (Issues with border)
  • Tropical Islands - Bridges - Map raised by 1 block (Issues with border)
  • Frozen - Bridges - Map raised by 1 block (Issues with border)
  • Shattered Kingdom - Survival Games - Dragon egg removed
  • Torrid - Turf Wars - Spawn Trap method involving carpets fixed
  • Alpine Ruins - SSM - Fixed a method to camp inside glass (Bad enderman!)
  • Mesa Village - Block Hunt - Fixed a hiding spot thats impossible to be killed in
  • Bedroom - Death Tag - Replaced glass in clock with barrier blocks to fix camping exploit
  • Old Village - Champions DOM/TDM - Map aestetics revamped by orginal creator
  • Modernized - Champions CTF - Fixed various exploits
  • Eclipse - Champions CTF - Fixed players being able to parkour into spawns
  • Sheep Arena - Sheep Quest - Fixed players being killed by leaping into the air
  • Warring Jungles - Champions CTF - Fixed exploit to get into spawns
  • Oriental - Bomb Lobbers - Moved border down by one
  • Thames Square - Block Hunt - Fixed players glitching out of the map
  • Chess Board - Snake - Filled in hollow chess pieces
  • PlexWorld - Survival Games - Fixed parsing issue with chests
  • Taiga - DMT - Fixed drawing board not built correctly
  • Forest - DMT - Fixed drawing board not built correctly
  • Desert - DMT - Fixed drawing board not built correctly

February 25, 2017 - Gem Hunters Beta now open to Eternals Edit

Gem Hunters Edit

  • Eternals now have access to the Closed Beta
  • [Changed] Playing Gem Hunters now charges 100 Gems to enter the world.
  • [Fixed] Particles did not get awarded to players when they cashed out.
  • [Fixed] Eating in safe zones did not restore Hunger.
  • [Fixed] Players could earn experience (for enchanting.)
  • [Fixed] Cashout related problems with parties.
  • [Changed] Armor and weapons now have varying durability from chests.
  • [Changed] Reduced occurrence of Legendary Chests.
  • [Changed] Increased number of spawn points for Legendary Chests.
  • [Changed] Increased Gem prices of Weapons and Gear in the Shops.
  • [Changed] Reduced occurrence of Gems in regular chests.
  • [Changed] Players will now get the safest spawn that the game can find.

February 24, 2017 - Gem Hunters PPC Beta Edit

Gem Hunters Edit

February 19, 2017 - EU Servers Return! Edit

EU-US Merge Edit

  • [Miscellaneous] Reverted the removal of EU Servers.
  • [Added] Double XP on EU.

Internal Edit

  • [Changed] Trainees can now use /find.
  • [Fixed] Fix /gadget being reverted when someone logs out.
  • [Fixed] Prevented armor stands from being moved by snowballs and flesh hooks.

Other Edit

  • [Miscellaneous] Announced PPC game beta-testing.

February 14, 2017 - PE Gladiators! Edit

PE Edit

PE Valentine Edit

Valentine's Day Edit

February 9, 2017 - Love is in the Air Edit

Valentine's Day Edit

Wizards Edit

  • [Fixed] Allowed spells to be learned from double chests
  • [Fixed] Corrected the damage done by Fireball and Anvil Drop
  • [Fixed] Corrected the protection provided by Golden armor
  • [Fixed] Corrected the slowness done by Rumble
  • [Fixed] Fixed the death message when a player is killed by Summon Wolves
  • [Fixed] Fixed cases where items couldn't be dropped
  • [Fixed] Fixed Frost Barrier sometimes not activating

MPS Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed issue where Wizards couldn't be run more than once on an MPS instance
  • [Fixed] Fix map selection not working in some specific cases

February 4, 2017 - Battle of the Bridges Tournament Edit

February 2, 2017 - February Map Update! Edit

Maps AddedEdit

Minigame Map(s)
Super Smash Mobs Alpine Ruins
Bomb Lobbers Olympus
Frosted Islands
Micro Battle Rubix
Runner Amazonian Lake
SkyWars Temple
Nefund Desert
Steam Empire
Bridges Oriental Kingdom
Tropical Islands
Snake Jungle Relived
Capture the Flag Eclipse

Removed MapsEdit

Minigame Map(s) Reason
Skywars Frost Noticeable Lag, not properly tested.
Wizards Wither Isle Numerous gameplay issues, request removal by GI

Bugfixed Maps Edit

  • Thames Square - Block Hunt - Was missing a ladder at 12 41 -4
  • Time Travel - Dragon Escape - Could leap to side of the map and walk to the end
  • Desert Village - Block Hunt - Could block glitch to top of the map
  • Serenity - Master Builders - Floor would fall to the bottom of the map if set to gravel/sand
  • Arcanimus - Bridges - Could build out 200 blocks (Was missing map border data point)
  • Carbbean Islands - Dragons - Players died instantly when they touched water
  • Bedroom - Death Tag - Could block glitch on the chicken painting and would not be able to be killed
  • Mesa Village - Block Hunt - Flower pot allowed the infestor kit to glitch ontop of the map
  • Library - Turf Wars - Cobblestone blocks in the ground prevented players from getting knocked back whilst on enemy turf
  • Wild West - Death Tag - Could traitor boost players onto the map border
  • Wild West - Survival Games - Spot on the map which was impossible to get out of
  • Elven Citadel - Survival Games - Random holes in the ground in a certain location
  • Fallout - Survival Games - Random ice block in the ground
  • Book Shelves - Turf Wars - Could skip past enemy border through jumping between the walls
  • Pirate Island - Block Hunt - Back island was hollow, also random melon floating in the air
  • Plexworld - Survival Games - Large hole in the haunted mansion that was impossible to get out of
  • Gorge - Capture the Flag - Players could get stuck in certain buildings when thrown with dwarf toss
  • Mirkwood - Block Hunt - There was no map border
  • Canyon - Bridges - There was an anvil on each island and players could get barrier blocks from using the destructor pearl in certain locations
  • Highcliff Shore - Bridges - Low ore spawn rate
  • Twin Peaks 2.0 - Evolution - Random holes in the ground in a certain location
  • Lotus Crescent - Dragon Escape - Cheat border killed players in a legit shortcut spot
  • Into the Jungle - Dragon Escape - Cheat border killed players when trying to leap to a building on the course
  • Treasure Cavern - Block Hunt - Missing barrier block allowed hunters to get out of the hunter spawn before the gate opened
  • Elemental Collision - Turf Wars - Could skip past enemy border through jumping between the walls
  • Torrid - Turf Wars - Holes in the wall allowed players to get kills, but not be killed. Also added barriers in the sides to prevent skipping across the turf
  • Railroad - Skywars - Borders needed to be adjusted (Top one was too high, bottom one was too low)
  • Hidden Insight - Champions Dominate - Complete logs in center (GI Request)
  • Hidden Courtyard - Turf Wars - Could skip across enemy turf by jumping between walls
  • Agni Kai - Turf Wars - Could skip across enemy turf by jumping between walls
  • Library - Turf Wars - Could skip across enemy turf by jumping on stone in the ground
  • Intergalactic - Bomb Lobbers - Ships were too far apart
  • Seasons - Bridges - There was an activated redstone ore block
  • Canyon - Bridges - Bottom border was too high
  • Halfmoon Island - Death Tag - Numerous block glitch spots under the map
  • Village - Death Tag - Could get on top of the wall (Moved border down)
  • Kikoshi Islands - Survival Games - Diamond sword in a chest only obtainable through blowing it up from border fireballs
  • Sandstorm - Dragon Escape - Certain shortcut spots killed you (Cheat border)
  • Sky Ruins - Wither Assault - Withers could dig dead players into the void, which prevents them from being revived by teamates. Added a bedrock layer in the ground to prevent
  • Pirate Bay - Dragon Escape - Instantly die when going on a certain part of the island
  • Mining Camp - Bridges - Increase ore count (GI Request)
  • Icelands - Bridges - Increase ore count (GI Request)
  • Modernized - Capture the Flag - Map improvement (Community and GI Request)


  • [Changed] Released re-written version of Bawk Bawk Battles to combat lag and fix performance.
  • [Miscellaneous] Compensated Clans-103 players for world data loss

January 19, 2017 - Balloons & Bug Fixes Edit

Additions Edit

Changes Edit

  • [Fixed] Fixed Horse and Wolf for Horseman/Beastmaster kits in Survival Games
  • [Fixed] Fixed Necromancer skeletons
  • [Fixed] Fixed name tags in Mine-Strike
  • [Fixed] Fixed /ignore
  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where Viper Strikes would permanently remove speed while a player had Stampede
  • [Fixed] Fixed Armor bars not shown after teleporting to another dimension
  • [Fixed] Fixed Witch leash in SSM not being visible
  • [Fixed] Fixed Wither Image ability in SSM
  • [Fixed] Fixed clicking pet eggs kicking the client in certain versions
  • [Fixed] Fixed Jukeboxes not playing music
  • [Fixed] Fixed Incorrectly mapped sounds fixed (bats, blazes, doors, etc)
  • [Fixed] Fixed Glass panes/iron bars making clients stuck
  • [Fixed] Fixed missing compasses for spectators
  • [Fixed] Fixed reversed armor pieces in some Kits
  • [Fixed] Fixed Mounts in pre-game lobbies
  • [Fixed] Fixed rare instances where all players would be spawned in the same spot in Survival Games
  • [Fixed] Fixed holes in SkyWars lobby

January 14, 2017 - 1.9+ Fixes! Edit


  • [Fixed] Eating now takes the correct time
  • [Fixed] Bow drawback is now visible to other players
  • [Fixed] Other small actions are being displayed now
  • [Removed] Shields are now not automatically given when holding a weapon
  • [Fixed] Armor indicator
  • [Fixed] Signs display properly now
  • [Added] /party commands added back
    • Enabled with /party toggle

January 12, 2017 - It's Strike Time! Edit


  • [Added] Strike Games is now an official game instead of just a Weekend Brawl.
  • [Added] Minestrike Chest, that gives you Minestrike Skins
    • It costs 10k shards, you get to open 2 chests, and it contains duplicates.
  • [Added] New Minestrike Weapon Skins
    • Desert Eagle Golden Gun
    • XM1014 Pig Gun
    • AK-47 Guardian
    • Counter Terrorist Sword (Knife)
    • Terrorist Sword (Knife)
    • Glass M9 Bayonette (Knife)
  • [Added] Minestrike Map Train
  • [Added] Party commands


  • [Fixed] Parties have been reworked
  • [Fixed] Titles are now supported in 1.8.3+
  • [Fixed] Mine-Strike now runs in Adventure Mode
  • [Fixed] Mine-Strike block breaking glitch
  • [Fixed] PP-Bizon Streak skin now works properly
  • [Fixed] Skinned knives now give the correct kill reward
  • [Fixed] Champions Blink Spectator glitch

January 5, 2017 - January Map Update Edit

Maps addedEdit

Minigame Map(s)
Death Tag Trial K04
Dragon Escape Sandstorm
Wizards Aspen
Skywars Pirate Raid
Snake Ancient Egypt
Bacon Brawl Lifebuoy
Super Spleef Terrapin
Team Deathmatch
Excavation Camp
Capture the Flag Modernized
Turf Wars Book Shelves
Sheep Quest Rocky Highlands
Apple Meadows

Removed MapsEdit

Minigame Map(s) Reason
Team Deathmatch
Primeval Replaced by Excavation Camp as requested by GI
Turf Wars Double Fort Underdetailed
Fire and Water Underdetailed
Sheep Quest Grove Lag issues
Voyage Underdetailed

Bugfixed MapsEdit

Minigame Map(s) Fixes
Death Tag Shiro Rooftop Exploit
Mayan Ruins Rooftop Exploit
Village Removed Cobble Wall Exploit
Survival Games Shattered Kingdom Filled hole in Ship
Prime Filled hole
MineStrike Inferno Incendiary Exploit
Mirage Bomb location Exploit
Dragons Docks Raised border
Bridges Jungles Edited trees in mid to reduce exploits
Seasons Added water for GI request
Super Smash Mobs Amplified Moved Border
Dominate (2014 minigame)
Team Deathmatch
Twin Peaks Extreme Filled hole
Block Hunt Thames Squad Filled hole, removed rooftop acceess

January 3, 2017 - PE Lord Rank Edit

  • [Added] Lord Rank with 7 new exclusive cosmetics
  • [Added] 4 new exclusive cosmetics for the Knight Rank
  • [Changed] Atleast 3 players have to finish a Dragon Escape (PE Minigame) game to end it or it will end one minute after the first person completes the map
  • [Added] New languages supported: Russian, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional