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Kit Selector Particles
The icon for the Kit Selector Particles submenu.
Code None
Function Cosmetic
Used in Waiting Lobby

Kit Selector Particles is a category of Cosmetics released on May 15, 2017. It is represented by a lever in the Cosmetic Menu.


Kit selector Particles, when equipped, change the particle effect marking the player's Default Kit. They can be found in Treasure Chests.

Kit Selector Particles are the only cosmetics that are only usable in the Waiting Lobby.

List of Kit Selector ParticlesEdit

Kit Selector Particle Official description Requirements
Rain Cloud The rain keeps falling, and the kit keeps calling. Automatically received
Water Wings These wings won't help you float or fly, but they look pretty sweet. Found in Treasure Chests
Halo Fight like an Angel. Found in Treasure Chests
Rainbow Dance At the end of this Rainbow is the kit of your dreams. Found in Treasure Chests
Shimmering Ring Encaged in your golden rings, your kits weapon still sing [sic]. Found in Treasure Chests
Flames of Fury Through the Fire and the Flames we will ride Found in Treasure Chests
Ember I'd like my kit well done. Found in Treasure Chests
Kit Love I think I LIKE this kit, if you know what I mean. Found in Treasure Chests


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