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List of Mineplex Missions Edit

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Name Objective Reward Rarity
Grandmaster Chest Hunter Open 100 chests across all games 1 Mythical Chest Rare
OITQ Slayer
OITQ Victor
OITQ Conqueror
SG Stick Collector Collect 10 Sticks 3000 shards Common
SG Slayer
SG Victor
SG Conqueror
SG Chest Inspector
Sky Wars Slayer
Sky Wars Victor
Sky Wars Conqueror Win 10 games of Skywars 1000 Shards Legendary
Sky Wars TNT Collector Collect 10 pieces of TNT in Skywars 1000 Shards Rare
Sky Wars TNT Master
Sky Wars Guardian Hunter Kill 15 Zombie Guardians in Skywars 5000 Shards Rare
Sky Wars Duos
Skyfall Slayer Kill 25 enemies in Skyfall 1000 Shards Common
Skyfall Victor
Skyfall Conqueror
Skyfall Booster
Skyfall Jeweler Collect 25 Diamonds in chests.
Skyfall Chest Seeker Open 50 Chests in Skyfall 5000 XP Common
Bridges Slayer
Bridges Victor
Bridges Conqueror
Diamond Digger Mine 5 Diamonds in Bridges 2000 XP Common
Turf Wars Slayer
Turf Wars Victor Win 5 games of Turf Wars 5000 Shards Rare
Turf Wars Conqueror
Micro Battles Slayer Kill 25 enemies in Micro Battles 2000 Shards Common
Micro Battles Victor Win 5 games of Micro Battles 5000 Shards Rare
Micro Battles Conqueror
Super Paintball Slayer
Super Paintball Victor
Super Paintball Conqueror
Gladiator Slayer Kill 15 enemies in Gladiators 2000 Shards Common
Gladiator Victor
Gladiator Conqueror
Parkour Master Win 1 game of Dragon Escape 2000 Shards Common
Master Escapist
Legendary Escape Artist
Bomb Lobbers Slayer
Bomb Lobbers Victor Win 5 games of Bomb Lobbers 5000 Shards Rare
Bomb Lobbers Conqueror
SSM Slayer Kill 25 enemies in SSM 2000 Shards Common
SSM Victor Win 5 games of SSM 5000 Shards Rare
SSM Conqueror
Speed Builders Champion
Master Architect
Chief Interpreter Guess 25 paintings correctly in Draw My Thing 2000 Shards Common
Master Painter
Impressionist Painter
Master Builder
Master Architect
UHC Slayer
UHC Victor Win one game of UHC 500 TNT Rare
UHC Conqueror
UHC Appler Collect 5 Golden Apples in UHC 10000 Shards Legendary
UHC Prospector
UHC Horseman
Block Hunt Slayer
Champions Team Deathmatch Slayer
Champions Team Deathmatch Victor Win 5 games of Champions Team Deathmatch 5000 Shards Rare
Wolf Victor Win one game of Super Smash Mobs with the Wolf Kit 1000 Shards Common