Lobby Painting
Lobby Painting-0
The Lobby Painting area
Minigame Type Unknown
Status Available
Teams Unknown
PvP Unknown
Number of Players 1
Game/Statistics Menu Icon N/A
Portal Representation Villager
Server Tag Unknown

Lobby Painting is a Lobby minigame on Mineplex. It is a freestyle version of Draw My Thing, albeit smaller.

Gameplay Edit

Lobby Painting is, in a nutshell, a simplified, freestyle version of Draw My Thing, being hosted by Painter Bob Ross.

Similar to Draw My Thing, players can grab a paintbrush and paint on the large wool canvas in front of them. The player is free is draw whatever they wish, without limitations. Because it is freestyle, only one player can join at a time. A short while after the player leaves, the canvas erases itself, allowing for other players to use it.