Throughout the Lobby , there are many secret areas. These are typically hard to access and are not well known throughout the Mineplex network. 

Secret Rooms Edit

There are many hidden rooms inside the lobby. Here are some examples:

Scientific Room Edit

This room can be found in a hole under the flower garden, in between the Survival, and Mixed Arcade portals.  How to get there: You will go to the field between Survival and Mixed Arcade.You will climb the hill and movie slightly to your left. There you will find some stone blocks, you will crouch out to the edge until you see a 2 by 2 hole. There are a few ways to access this room, either with a Mount (Ethereal Dragon or  Molten Snake) or with a Morph (Bat, Wither or, Elder Guardian) or you could try double jumping there. Follow the hallway until you find a room, with a big +3 on the wall and two villagers.

Scientific room

NPC: There are two NPCs in this room,  one is the "Professor" and the other one is the "Archaeologist". 

What they say: The Professor:: "But.... why +3? and the Archaeologist: Hmmm.....


At the fountain near the Ruins Parkour you will find another Secret room.   

How to get there: You will walk to the front right side of the fountain, then you will see there is a single block of water, the closer you get, the better  you will see there is a ladder. You just climb down and reach the end of the hallway, and there it is! The second Secret Room! 
Secret Room 2

NPC: There are no NPC's in this room.          

What they say: There are no NPC's or Signs here.       

THIS IS OUTDATED AS THERE HAS BEEN A HUB UPDATE AND LOBBY UPDATE.                                                

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