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For Champions strategies, see Champions/Builds and Strategies.

Mage is a kit for the minigame knownas Champions.

Class Summary Edit

Master of the elements, they use abilities to transform the area and do massive splash damage. Their passives help them keep enemies at a distance while dealing damage or creating area of effects. However, being hugely reliant on their abilities, they should avoid falling into water whilst in battle. It can also be a Defensive/Support class due to its Void, Life Bonds, or Arctic Armor skill.

Mage has the most versatile skill set in the game. Most Mage builds revolve around a certain element, but other combinations work just as well. Mage's low armor equals out it's powerful moves, but Mage can still engage in a melee battle and win. Most of mage's abilities have multiple uses, like for defense or getting to high places.

This is probably the most underrated classes ever.

Skill Asset Types Edit

Sword skills are triggered by holding down Block ("right mouse button" by default.). Axe skills are triggered with right-click.

Mage can trigger its PassiveA Skills by pressing Drop while holding a sword or an axe. ("Q" by default.)

NOTE: All description comes directly from the game.

Key Legends:

HP = Hit Points

L = per level

Sword Edit

Skill Name

Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Blizzard Releases 2 (+1L) snowballs per wave

which push players away from you.

Target the ground to create snow.

Maximum range of 8 (+1L) Blocks.

Maximum height of 1 (+1L) Blocks

5 N/A Costs 40 (-2L) energy per second. Free
Inferno You spray fire at 1.1999999 (+0.15L) velocity, igniting enemies for 0.4 (+0.1L) seconds 5 N/A Costs 40 (-2L) energy per second. 1000 gems
Rupture You create a rupture at your feet.

It will snake through the ground with 1.1 (+0.1L) velocity, moving towards where you are looking, giving Slow 2 to nearby opponents.

Release Block to release the rupture, causing earth and players to fly upward, dealing up to 5 (+1L) initial damage.

5 N/A Costs 19 (-1L) energy per second.

Charge 50 (+10L) % per second.

1000 gems
Static Lazer You charge static electricity.

Release Block to fire Static Lazer.

Deals 7 (+1L) damage and travels up to 30 (+10L) blocks.

5 11 (-1L) seconds Costs 24 energy per second. Unlock all Champions achievements

Axe Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Ice Prison Launch an icy orb. When it collides,

it creates a hollow sphere of ice that lasts for 4 (+1L) seconds.

5 20 (-1L) seconds Costs 57 (-3L) energy per use. Free
Fire Blast Launch a fireball which explodes on impact dealing large knockback to enemies within 6.5 (+0.5L) Blocks range. Also ignites enemies for up to 4 (+2L) seconds. 5 12 (-1L) seconds Costs 57 (-3L) energy per use. 1000 gems
Fissure Fissures the earth infront of you, creating an impassable wall.

Players struck by initial slam receive Slow 2 for 2.5 (+0.5L) seconds

Players struck by the fissure receive 2.4 (+0.4L) damage plus an additional 0.8 (+0.2L) damage for every block fissure had travelled.

5 12 (-1L) seconds Costs 57 (-3L) energy per use. 1000 gems
Lightning Orb Launch a lightning orb. Upon a direct hit with player, or 4.6 (-0.4L) seconds, it will strike all enemies within 3.5 (+0.5L) Blocks with lightning, dealing 5 (+1L) damage and giving Slow 2 for 4 seconds. 5 12 (-1L)


Costs 58 (-2L) energy per use. 1000 gems

Passive A Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirement
Arctic Armor Create a freezing area around you

in a 4 (+1L) Block radius. Allies inside

this area receive Protection 2.

You receive Protection 1.

3 Costs 6 (-1L) energy to enable skill. Free
Immolate Ignite yourself in flaming fury.

You receive Strength 2, Speed 1, Fire Resistance and take 1 more damage from attacks.

You leave a trail of fire, which ignites players for 0.5 seconds

1 Costs 14 energy each second when enabled.

This skill costs 2 skill tokens.

1000 gems
Void While in void form, you receive Slow 3, take no knockback and use no energy to swing weapons.

Reduces incoming damage by 2 (+1L), but burns 10 (-1L) Energy per 1 damage reduced

3 Costs 6 energy to enable skill. 1000 gems
Life Bonds Transfers life from yourself to nearby allies with less health.

Transfers 1 (+0.5L) health every second.

Maximum range of 6 (+3L) Blocks from user.

3 Costs 4 (-0.5L) energy to enable skill. 1000 gems

Passive B Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Recharge Other Statistics Requirement
Glacial Blade Swing your sword to release a shard of ice, dealing 3.5 damage to anything it hits.

Will not work if enemies are close.

3 1 (-0.2L) seconds Costs 14 (-2) energy each use. Free
Magma Blade Your sword deals an additional 0.5 (+0.25L) damage to burning opponents, but it also extinguishes them. 3 N/A none 1000 gems
Null Blade Your attacks suck the life from opponents, restoring 4 (+2L) energy. 3 N/A none 1000 gems

Passive C Edit

Skill Name Function Max Level Other Statistics Requirement
Mana Pool Maximum energy is incresed by 27 (+27L) (15 (+15L)%). 3 none 1000 gems
Mana Regeneration For every second since you last used Energy, you receive + 20 (+20L)% Energy regenerate rate.

Maximum of + 100 (+100L)% bonus

3 none 1000 gems
Resistance Your body and mind is exceptionally resistant.

Durations on you are 25 (+25L)% shorter for; Slow, Fire, Shock, Confusion, Poison, Blindness.

3 none Free
Break Fall You roll when you hit the ground; Fall damage is reduced by 2 (+2L). 3 none Free

Trivia Edit

  • Currently Blizzard, when targeted on the ground, does not create snow, despite the description explaining so. Older versions of Champions allowed you to create snow, but was later removed.
  • Static Lazer may be glitched; leveling up the skill does not level up the skill properly, making the skill at higher levels much weaker than it's supposed to be.
    • Damage DOES increase per level.
    • Range does NOT increase per level.
    • Recharge does NOT decrease per level.

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