The Magma Cube is a kit in Super Smash Mobs. It's a gem kit that requires 5000 gems to purchase, along with the Snowman.

Stats Edit

Damage: 5.0 (Below Average) (8.0 at maximum)

Armor: 5.0 (Average) (4.0 when given) (Full Chain Armor without Leggings)

Knock-back Taken: 175% (Light Weight)

Health Regeneration: 0.35 (Above Average)

Magma Cube

Attributes Edit

Magma Cube is a mob which has somewhat above average stats in-game. Magma Cube has 3 skills, Magma Blast, Flame Dash, and Grow. Magma Blast does very high knock-back and will do good damage if hit by the fireball. Flame Dash is a very good horizontal recovery move and does damage if hitting a mob. If it hasn't grown at all, Magma Cube's hitbox is extremely small, almost unhittable. It also has extremely high health regeneration.

Magma Cube has good escapability, but it's physically rather weak. Magma Cube lacks KO and Killing Power in game and is mostly only viable for escaping and running. Magma Cube starts with a Damage stat of 5, making melee combat a bit of a problem. It's only easy way to kill mobs is to Grow and do more melee damage, which ruins its hitbox size advantage.

Overall, Magma Cube has problems in direct combat, but its fast health regeneration, great recovery, and high escapability help Magma Cube to escape from it's enemy. Magma Cube lacks kill power, as well with KO powers, and cannot win when damage is low, but Magma Cube can escape and recover easily, and can repair damage from fighting easily.

Moveset Edit

Magma Cube is equipped with an Axe, Shovel, and a Compass.

Axe Move - Magma Blast Edit

Ranged Bow standby copy, AoE Tnt side

Right Click the axe to shoot out a huge fireball to do damage and knock-back and set on fire to enemy when contacted. If not contacted, it deals splash damage and huge vertical knock-back. Serves as a vertical recovery move and can be useful to shoot on ground to jump extremely high. This is the only projectile that can be reflected. Somewhat impractical for edge-guarding.

Spade Move - Flame Dash Edit

Movement Leather Boots (grid), Recovery Feather copy

Right Click the Spade and you'll be invincible and you'll continuously dash. This continues until you stop or the ability ends. Right Click the Spade again to end Flame Dash earlier. At the end, you create a small fiery explosion. As it does moderate damage, it serves as a horizontal recovery move and is considered one of the best recovery moves in-game.

Passive - Fuel the Fire Edit

Passive Comparator copy

When you kill/KO a mob, you grow and deal 1 more damage, and 15% less knock-back dealt. The hitbox grows along with the Magma Cube, making it susceptible to combo attacks. It has a maximum of 3 stacks, doing 3 more damage and 45% less knock-back dealt. However, the Magma Cube will be huge, with a huge hitbox to match.

Smash Ability - Meteor Shower Edit

When used, it create a tons of amount of Fireball strike to used area. Fireballs deal massive damage and knockback. However, the fireball only strike to near used area, so it can be easily dodged

Trivia Edit

  • In the Halloween 2015 update, Magma Cube was on both sides of Kit Selection. (Due to the game lobby update, this bug has been fixed.)

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