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The Main Lobby, also known as the Hub and the Lobby, is the focal point of Mineplex and where players first spawn after joining the server. Different lobbies can be accessed by using the Lobby Menu or by typing /server Lobby-#.

The older lobby used to have big tree in the central plaza, but Chiss had it removed, being replaced by four smaller trees located at the corners of the plaza. In 2016, however, the tree was added back in. This time much larger.

Lobby IslandsEdit

Main article: Main Lobby/List of Lobby Islands


The lobby contains 4 parkour courses that can be completed to earn Gems the first run through. To begin a parkour course, players must face the blacksmith villager stationed by the beginning of the course and use the RMB. This causes the player to  enter "Parkour Mode", in which all currently equipped Cosmetics are disabled to prevent cheating and all  specific parkour rules become active. If a player touches a hazardous object or falls into the void while in this mode, they will be teleported to the beginning of the parkour.

Available Edit

Course Image Location Description Reward
Lava Parkour
Lava Parkour
Desert Players sprint jump through a series of pillars without stopping, slowing down, or falling into the lava pool below. This is because the pillars have a supposedly high temperature. 4000 Gems
Ruins Parkour
Ruins Parkour
Near Witches' cauldron Players navigate through multiple dilapidated buildings in order to complete the course. The Ruins Parkour is the more puzzle-oriented of the three, as it requires them to pay attention to their surrounding environment and make a careful judgement as to where to go. 6000 Gems
G.W.E.N. Parkour
2016-09-06 16.33.33
Near Slimeball Players must jump across a series of platforms overlooking a pool of water. If the player falls into the water, they are sent to the start, presumably due to a Guardian infestation. 4000 Gems
Desert Village Parkour
2016-09-06 16.27.13
Near Desert A more conventional parkour, players jump across platforms lining a desert ruin. Falling off the platform or into the void will disable the parkour. 3000 Gems

Removed Edit

Course Image Location Description Reward
Snake Parkour[Note 1]
Snake Parkour
Edge of island Players jump through a sequence of disappearing and reappearing platforms following a path of suspended brown mushrooms. Players need to watch the path of mushrooms closely, plan ahead, and time their jumps in order to correctly proceed. 8000 Gems

Lobby games Edit

A variety of Lobby games are located in the Main Lobby. Unlike other games, players do not earn Gems from them.

Game Image Description
Slimeball (Lobby game)
You can enter Slimeball by typing /team <red blue>. Located on the Main Island, the goal of Slimeball is to kick the little slime into the goals. This can be done by simply touching the the mob. The scores will reset when all players have left the court.
King of the Hill
King of the Hill
King of the Hill can be entered by typing /team <red, yellow, green, blue>. Located on the desert island, King of the Hill is played by capturing the point on top of the sandstone pyramid. You can hit other players off, sometimes resulting in their death. If a player dies, they go to spawn and have to come back to KotH to play more. This game is similar to Dominate.
Lobby Painting
Lobby Painting
You can enter Lobby Painting by going into the lava cave and right clicking "Painter Bob Ross" (Formally Painter Pete). Similar to Draw My Thing, Lobby Painting can be played by right clicking the paintbrush (wooden sword) and facing the wall of wool. You can change your paint color by facing the different colored clay on the floor and right clicking. Keep in mind that you are not the only one painting, and other players may overwrite your drawings. Over time the wall will return to the color of white.


The lobby contains several Easter eggs that can be found by exploring the lobby.

History Edit

The first lobby was created when more mini games than Castle Siege were added. It featured a smaller tree, two parkours, a Pet Shop, and many other small Easter Eggs. It was on Mineplex during 2013 and a part of 2014

In the later half of 2014, a new lobby was added. This time, the tree was enlarged, more islands were added, the size increased to be able to hold more game portals, and overall detail was added.

In August 2015, the lobby was changed yet again. The most prominent change was that the huge tree was completely removed, replaced with 4 of the stumps of the old tree in each corner. A large M was added into the sky, and many other changes happened.

In July 2016, the lobby was changed again. Game portals were removed and replaced with NPC's on each side. A large amount of islands were added, and instead of a tree a huge portal was added.

A few weeks afterwards, the portal was changed into the biggest tree so far, to decrease lag caused by the portal. This pretty much satisfied the community, and the lobby is here today.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  1. The Snake Parkour was removed after the 2014 Christmas Chaos event to reduce lag on the server.

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