Not to be confused with Media Team.
Media forum tag (current)

The former artist tag, team now known as Artist


The Current Artist tag

Media chat tag (current)

The current Media chat tag.

The Artist Rank is a miscellaneous rank on Mineplex for players who are employed or contracted by Mineplex to create and assist in creating official art. This includes, but is not limited to, animation, 3D modeling and textures, and 2D illustration art. These players were recruited through a job interview-esque process. Only two players possess this tag as of December 19th, 2015.

List of ArtistsEdit

Note: This list is not complete, as Mineplex may not be done hiring media members and not all members may be known.

Italic names within brackets are the names media members use on the Mineplex website (Enjin names) and are on Mineplex' official staff list, and not their IGN. If a builder has no brackets behind it, then that media member uses their IGN as their Enjin name.

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