For the Super Smash Mobs ability, see Meteor Shower (Ability).

Meteor Shower is an ability used by the kit Anath the Burnt in the game Heroes of Gwen.

Statistics Edit

When dropping the held item or clicking the nether star item in the fourth hotbar slot, the ability is activated.

When you activate the Meteor Shower ability, a netherrack block is fired in the direction of sight. It will solidify after 2 seconds, or if it lands on the ground before.

A particle circle in the color of your team and the radius of 10 blocks appears, with the netherrack block being in the center. Any enemy players inside the circle immediately catches fire (they will lose 1 (Half Heart) health point every 0.5 seconds), additionally they will be hurt by the ability itself for 2 (Heart) damage every second). Fireballs rain down from the sky upon them, dealing up to 20 damage on every hit. The entire ability lasts 7 seconds.

The ability has a recharge time of 60 seconds.

History Edit

June 15, 2017 - Heroes of Gwen Beta Edit

  • [Added] Ability released

Strategies Edit

With Edit

The radius of the circle is exactly the same as the radius of the circles around the Guardian Towers. This is a sign that this ability is more on the defensive side, and its main purpose is to protect the Guardian Towers.

Another usage for the ability is activating it in middle of a big fight. Any enemies in there will get heavily damaged, while your teammates will not get damaged by the ability.

Against Edit

The main thing to do first is to get out of the radius of the circle. Meteor Shower is a deadly ability, dealing large amounts of damage in a short time, along with setting you on fire which causes more damage and covers up half of the screen (in the default resource pack). You can not stop the ability, all your can do it wait for it to end and then proceed with whatever thing you were doing there before.

Trivia Edit

  • Opponent minions will be set on fire if they are in the marked circle.
  • The effective area of damage is bigger than the particle shape, as the fireballs can hit enemies even if they are outside of the area
  • The wither is immune to the fire damage, but is still constantly damaged