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Mineplex Karaoke is a hosted event on the TeamSpeak server two days per week by the Karaoke Hosting subteam. Within it, singers can perform the song of their choice in front of a group of players.

Format Edit

The event is hosted within the Karaoke/Music Lounge on the TeamSpeak server. Once the event starts and the rules are explained, one of the hosts is designated as the "Poke to Sing" host. In order to join the waiting list, you must poke this host, and he/she will add your name to the list. Bear in mind that the list will eventually close once it is determined that the list will run to at least the end of the event. Once it is your turn, you will be announced by the other hosts and granted talk power to make your performance to the channel. At the end of your performance, your talk power is removed and you are free to enjoy the rest of the event. The waiting list is located at [1]this link.

Rules Edit

  1. All songs must be kept clean (less than three swears).
  2. You must be respectful to the singer, and keep any negativity to yourself.
  3. Voice changers and soundboards are not allowed, except for backing music.
  4. There is no trolling allowed.
  5. Your username must match the one you registered for the list with.
  6. If you are not ready, you can hold your position for up to two turns.
  7. If you are not in the channel when you are announced, you forfeit your position.

Current Hosts Edit

This list can be found here. The Karaoke Host Team is led by xStar_89 and xLouis.

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