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Mineplex Missions is a feature that was released on July 2, 2017. Players can buy missions using Gems, and then receive Shards for completing them.


There is a slime located both in the Main Lobby and the Waiting Lobby. Players can click the slime in order to access the Missions Menu.

In the menu, there are two different parts, each for one part of the menu. The top row contains missions that are ready to be activated. Each mission is represented by one paper. Every paper contains the name of the mission, the objective, the cost to buy the mission and reward for completing it. Every mission costs Gems, and the reward is usually Shards. There are five total missions for each day, and these change every day.

The bottom row contains currently active missions. A player can only have one active mission at once. The player can Shift-Right-Click their currently active mission in order to cancel it. No gems are refunded.

List of MissionsEdit

To see all Missions, Please go to List of Mineplex Missions



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