What is Mineplex?


Mineplex is one of the many hub servers of the popular indie sandbox video game Minecraft. It offers a whole host of minigames, ranging from Bridges to Super Paintball. Since adding the YouTuber CaptainSparklez to its roster, its player count has multiplied greatly, allowing Mineplex to become one of the biggest servers currently available.

The server itself currently features at least 31 different minigames, with many more planned. Mineplex is based in both the EU and the US, with the latter's servers generally seeing more traffic than their European counterparts. 


What does the wiki do?

This wiki will document all known information about the server to try and help make your experience the best it can be. If you like discovering things about games for yourself, be careful what you read! If you want to help, please feel free to edit any article to help improve the content. After familiarizing yourself with the Manual of Style, Category:Article stubs and Special:WantedPages are good places to start.

We are not officially affiliated with Mineplex; this site is purely a community effort. Staff on the wiki are generally not staff members on the server, although a few users of the Mineplex administrative body do edit here. Views expressed by members of the wiki's community or some articles may not reflect those of Mineplex and its affiliates. Please do not post any pleas to be unbanned or promoted here, as they are not likely to be seen by the relevant people, and will be deleted. Instead, post it over on


Article of the Week




Bedrock Amplifiers were released! You can double the Experience and Gems earned in one gamemode of your choice! They are available in the Marketplace. (18th of May)

Bawk Bawk Battles has replaced Dragon Escape in the Classics Cow. The next poll is available at the Mineplex discord. (16th of May)

This week's map update brings some new maps for Master Builders, Micro Battles, Cake Wars, Bridges and Wizards! (12th of May)

The Mixed Arcade update, which was in public testing during the week, has been released onto the official network! Enjoy some balancing changes and bug fixes for your favourite mini-games. (11th of May)


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