Note: these are the local Wiki staff, not the staff of FANDOM as a whole or of Mineplex. You may be looking for a complete list of Mineplex staff members here, or Mineplex staff members with an account on the wiki here. To apply for wiki staff, visit Mineplex Wiki:Staff application.

This page lists all of the users on the Mineplex Wiki with a managerial position, like administrators and moderators. All wiki staff members generally share the responsibility of keeping the wiki free of spam, vandalism, and other offenses.



The creator of the wiki.

User Active?
Henry.l.villelas No


Users with the ability to promote other users.

User Active?
MiningCreeperI Yes
Xytl No


Users who oversee the general structure of the wiki, including the creation of staff pages and the removal of vandalism.

User Active?
Amazorazer Yes
Chaseymichael No
Prism55Writes Yes
Scratblue No
MiningCreeperI Yes
Xytl No


Users who monitor the wiki for and delete spam, vandalism, and other offenses.

User Active?
Amidala skywalker No
MidgetGolem No
RobbinK Yes

Chat moderators

Users who monitor the chat for and delete spam, vandalism, and other offenses.

User Active?
Chaseymichael No

Retired Mineplex Wiki staff

Former Mineplex Wiki staff.

User Former position Active?
ArcticZeroo Admin No
XxPercyJacksonxX Admin No

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