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This page lists all of the users on the Mineplex Wiki that are also staff members on the Mineplex server. They are not responsible for the normal maintenance of the wiki unless they obtain a managerial position on this site.

Positions Edit

Mineplex staff Edit

Mineplex staff members who edit this wiki in addition to their job in Mineplex.

User Rank Active?
ArcticZeroo Quality Assurance forum tag (current) No
baseballboyg Current Forum Ninja Tag No
Boomerzap Moderator forum tag (current) No
BREEZLET Quality Assurance forum tag (current) Yes
Glitcch Current Forum Ninja Tag No
Jillbo Current Forum Ninja Tag Yes
MCMiniumm Moderator forum tag (current) Yes
Millenium200 Social Media forum tag (current) No
MSWS Moderator forum tag (current) Yes
XApolloJustice Quality Assurance forum tag (current) Yes
XEmmaLiex Com No

Retired Mineplex staff Edit

Former Mineplex staff members who edit this wiki.

User Rank Active?
44jbdf Moderator forum tag (current) No
Ace771 Moderator forum tag (current) No
Chaseymichael Moderator forum tag (current) No
Emmaelise401 New Trainee No
FoggyIO Moderator forum tag (current) No
JonocraftFTW Current Forum Ninja Tag No
LeonMineplex Senior Moderator forum tag (current) No
Lpnt Moderator forum tag (current) No
Poydoy Moderator forum tag (current) No
PrismaticGamer Moderator forum tag (current) No
RedXTech Moderator forum tag (current) No
ScharfMineplex Trainee Management forum tag (current) No
SheSoCookie Current Forum Ninja Tag No
True619Blue Moderator forum tag (current) No
VanCity - Grayden New Trainee No
Xaanit Moderator forum tag (current) No

See also Edit

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