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Hello there! Welcome to this Wiki.

I will assume that you are a new editor. In that case, welcome again!

This wiki is a comprehensive database for all things Mineplex, from Games, through RanksCosmetics and even the server's history! Before editing though, make sure to read the Rules!


Now, this page is not for the rules. This is a page created to lay down guidelines. These are meant to tell you how to structure and edit any pages. This page will cover how to structure pages, what to do and what not, and help you improve your edits! So, without further ado, let's begin!



As Minecraft is a game for all ages, avoid using expletives in the main, user and talk namespaces. Continued use of such language after a warning will result in you being blocked from the wiki.

Attitude towards other editors

Please try and remain respectful and polite towards other users. If you see a user violating a rule, just give them a gentle reminder. If they continue to do so, please refer the matter to an admin, who may have to take further measures. But remember, always ensure misplaced enthusiasm rather than malicious vandalism.


Semi-automated/user assisted

Use of semi-automated or user assisted bots, such as AutoWikiBrowser, is allowed if the community decides there is a place for it. It will also need to obtain a bot usertag so that its edits do not appear in Wiki activity

Fully automated bots

These bots are unlikely to be allowed on the wiki, unless there is a large need for them (which is not the case at the moment).


Give images informative names when uploading them, rather than a cryptic alphanumeric string. Do not upload images unless the author has given their permission (Google allows filtering by copyright information). Uploading images for the sole purpose of user page decoration is permitted, but excessive numbers of pictures may lead to some being removed. Unused pictures may also be removed.



Pages about games, the building blocks of Mineplex. But the pages should not be messy and unorganized. They have a structure that needs to be followed. Here is the structure.

Intro section

A short section, it should decribe the game. It should contain the name of the game, the release date, and a short summary of the game. 

Make sure to bold and italicize the first instance of the game name in the page, and any further nicknames in the first paragraph.

ExampleSuper Smash Mobs, also known as SSM, ...

Aim of the game

A short section. Describe the aim of the game. This should be the things that makes you win the game. This section should be only one or two sentences.

Gameplay/How to play

A long section. Describe the gameplay of the game. Make sure to include all important aspects of the gameplay, and make it detailed. One of two-word sentences are not good. Describe what to do and how long the actions take. If there are some very major elements of the game that need 6+ sentences to describe, add a subsection (e.g. The "Supply Drop" section for Survival Games).

Remember to always use proper grammar and spelling. Poorly written pages are hard to read and often do not deliver the info clearly.

For some things that need to be here, you should list what teams are in the game and how many players they contain; what the maps are usually structured like; description and explanation of gameplay and all its important elements; and small things that affect the game (e.g. Arrows shot by a marksman or infiltrator = 1 hit kill, and an infiltrator's iron sword = 2 hit kill).


This section should only contain one gallery. In the gallery should be images of maps from the said game. Most of the time, you need to get into a game and screenshot the maps one by one, then upload them to the wiki one by one, and then add them in.

Rule: Remember to take screenshots in the default resource pack.

Pro Tip: To create a gallery, first paste in the following code in Source Editor: <gallery type="slideshow" crop="true" position="center"> . Then, paste in the files, separated by pressing the enter key after each one. After you got all the files in, top the gallery off by a </gallery>


List the kits for the game. To do so, go into a game lobby of your game, and look at the abilities, descriptions and names of the kits. Then, use a table to list the kits and all needed information.

Gem Rewards/Earnings

List the gem earnings for the game. To do so, play a few rounds of the game, and list the earnings.

Pro Tip: For most games, you earn 10 gems for Participation, along 20 gems for 1st Place, 15 gems for 2nd place, and 10 gems for 3rd place.


List all the achievements for the game, the task you need to finish, and the reward it gives you. To do so, type /stats in the chat and hover your cursor over the item for the game.

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