Staff Request
Please remember that this is a staff application for this wiki, not the Mineplex server

MiningCreeperI (Talk - Contribs - Block/rights logs - Logs) - (1,034 edits, 451 mainspace)

Requested Position (eg, Admin):


Why you think you would fit the role:

I love helping around on the server and on the wiki.

Since Mineplex is my favourite server, I spend a lot of time into playing there and I know much about the main system, its games and, of course, the community. I love to play at events, because you can play on those servers with your friends and you will meet other nice and helpful players.

Back to the wiki.

I think it is really sad this site has been losing members, daily contributions and attention. Here everyone can find answers which nowadays are searched and requested in the forums.

I like to share my thoughts and my knowlegde here. I know how to contribute with good edits and creations, and I am familiarized with the wikia features (for example Templates, the source language etc.).

I'd like to bring this page back to its old position, when it was updated continuously, helpful and was having a great community. I hope I may get a chance to do that as Administrator role. I know what my job would be then.

Thank you for reading my application, have a good day!

Admin comments: Very well-written, with great reasons, transitions, and the like ("back to the wiki" was an interesting pivot). You also seem to have taken a more methodical approach around the wiki, taking note of all the pages that need fixing and the like, as opposed to going all gung-ho on everything you see. And we could certainly have someone well-versed in source code.

Looks like you're pretty qualified: Consider this application accepted. Expect an admin promotion soon (just as soon as I get bureaucrat status...).

Unofficial Comments:

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