Games are individual play sessions on Mineplex that vary in length; they are the main feature of Mineplex. Contrary to popular belief, most games on Mineplex are officially referred to as "minigames", even though some may take more than an hour to completely play through.

The only non-minigames on Mineplex as of now are Clans and Gem Hunters. There are currently 37 non-beta minigames accessible without an MPS, 32 of which are accessible from a portal in the Lobby year-round. Games are what make Mineplex a great server to play on. The longer minigames include Bridges and Ultra Hardcore, however it varies. of the game

The newest game is Heroes of Gwen


Types Edit

Arcade Edit

Arcade minigames are short and fast-paced, generally with a maximum and minimum of 16 and 8 players, respectively. Some can only be played from the Mixed Arcade, while others are available as standalone titles.

Champions Edit

Champions minigames pit two teams of five players against each other and feature a set objective, such as capturing the enemy flag or killing a certain number of enemies. All minigames of this category share the same five customizable kits (Knight, Brute, Assassin, Ranger, and Mage).

Classic Edit

Classic minigames are lengthier and wider in scope than those in the Arcade category, requiring greater player counts and more complex strategies.

Survival Edit

In Survival minigames, players gather resources from the environment and fight against one another to be the last combatant standing. Depending on the circumstances, each minigame can take more than an hour to complete.

Holiday Edit

Holiday minigames are based on their respective holidays and available during a similarly-themed holiday event, sometimes playable well before and after the actual date of the celebration.

Successor Edit

Successor minigames are remakes to previous, removed titles on the server.

Status Edit

Status Definition Minigames
Available Available minigames are normally present on the server, and have been publically released usually with its own portal and Game menu entry. See "Types".
Beta A Beta minigame is in a public testing phase. Minigames in this state tend to exhibit an abnormal number of glitches, as well as unbalanced gameplay; minigames such as these can go through a rapid period of change in a short amount of time, without necessarily being documented.
Limited Limited minigame are only available as a minigame option in Mineplex Player Servers.
Removed Removed minigames have been retired/deleted from the server, sometimes due to bugs and unpopularity.
Planned Planned minigames have yet to be released on Mineplex in any shape or form to the general public, as they are being developed and tested by staff members. This classification is given to minigames that have been accepted, or minigames that are known to be in development. Unless a minigame has officially been canceled, a minigame that has not yet been released is still referred to as being planned.

Clans Edit

Main article: Clans

Clans is a Champions game, the first to not be a minigame on Mineplex. Instead of being a short play-session lasting a few minutes, Clans centers around factions mechanics.[1]

Gem Hunters Edit

Main article: Gem Hunters

Gem Hunters is a game on Mineplex. It is the second non-minigame on Mineplex, after Clans. Instead of being a short play-session, Gem Hunters centers around an open-world anarchy world.

References Edit


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